The New Hard Rock Casino in New Orleans Collapses Leaving Two People Dead

October 16th, 2019 2.00pm

The new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Resort in New Orleans was nearing its completion, when a part of this building collapsed last Saturday, with tragic consequences.

According to the statement made by the officials, emergency services and rescue team arrived at the scene quickly but were unable to prevent two deaths. And although several people have been reported missing, the death toll hasn’t changed.

Many others have been hospitalized after the accident, and fortunately, none of them is seriously injured. Commenting on their current condition, a spokesman for the hospital said they were “stable”.

The Investigation Should Offer More Answers

The accident happened around 9 in the morning, after the building’s upper floors of the planned 18-floor building collapsed, dropping onto one another and eventually sliding down onto North Rampart and Canal Streets near the southwest edge of the French Quarter, and leaving a large number of construction workers trapped. The initial reports don’t provide any information on the reasons why part of the building suddenly fell down.

One eyewitness said that “it looked like the concrete just slid from the top all the way down to the street”, while another one added that a crane had been “just sort of dangling there” as the front of the edifice collapsed.

A crane weighing 220,000 pounds has arrived in New Orleans to help remove a large amount of debris, while the project contractor brought additional help from Germany to assist local services in the effort.

The authorities said earlier that around 45 workers had been on the building at the time of the accident, with many of them reported injured. Unfortunately, there are some of them still missing, in addition to 2 reported deaths.

The Opening of the New Venue Will Be Delayed

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in New Orleans was scheduled to open for business next spring, but due to this tragic event, it is reasonable to say the opening date will be much later. Once completed, the facility will include 350 hotel rooms, plus 62 residential condos and retail shopping.

In a statement released a couple of days later, the renowned casino operator Hard Rock International said it hadn’t been involved in the accident.

“Hard Rock has had no involvement in the construction of the project. We want to extend our deepest sympathies to victims of this tragic accident and to their loved ones and friends,” said the company release.

“Citadel Builders LLC was contracted by Kailas Companies, owner of the project, to build the Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans based on a brand licensing agreement with Hard Rock International, the future manager of the hotel.”

It still remains to be seen how the building collapsed, and we can expect a thorough investigation to be held after search and rescue – that’s what mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell promised. At this moment, safety remains the primary concern, as the stability of the structure is slowing down the search.

“The last thing you want to do when you are trying to rescue somebody is lose someone else,” said the New Orleans Fire Chief Tim McConnell on Sunday.

A day later, Mayor Cantrell told at a press conference that the most recent inspection of the building, which took place on September 24, didn’t indicate any potential danger. More answers will be given by federal inspectors.

The gaming and hospitality giant is owned by the Seminole Tribe in Florida, and in addition to this state, Hard Rock International operates in New Jersey, Mississippi, Nevada, Iowa, Oklahoma, as well as in Canada and the Dominican Republic.



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