Top 10 Casino Safety Tips



Casino Safety: Thousands of online casinos

There are an estimated 2000 online casinos in operation at any one time on the internet, with many more appearing on a daily basis, and of course with the disappearance of some too. It is inevitable that amongst this plethora of casinos, some will not be playing fair; such casinos are called ‘rogue casinos’. It is true, however, of any industry, there will always be unscrupulous individuals out to rip off the innocent, hard-working people of the world. The gambling industry is no exception, although it can no longer be said that they operated in the murky depths of the underworld to the degree that the traditional casinos were claimed as doing. The internet gambling industry does still have its fair share of dishonest and ruthless swindlers.

The number of online casinos involved in dodgy, underhand procedures is tiny in comparison to the number of honest, upstanding casinos, however, constant vigilance is needed if you want to ensure that the minority of ‘rogue casinos’ do not end up swindling you out of your money. They may, for example, fail to return any winnings to you, or alternatively, they may have rigged their gaming software to give the house better odds than the normal distribution rate would expect.

It is therefore of the utmost importance to ensure that you understand how to identify, and avoid, any of these corrupt online casino operators, who are doing harm to the whole industry in general, including other legitimate online casinos who are fighting tooth and nail to implement stringent regulations pertaining to fair play. If you want the industry to remain on top of its game, it is also your responsibility, as a player, to make sure that you know how to spot and therefore steer clear of such casinos. It is only through being well informed on the matter that you can do your bit to help the industry, so read this article thoroughly and make sure that you play your part too.

In adhering to the following pointers we will run through, as well as using your own common sense when gambling online, you will be minimising your own personal risk and helping to maintain the integrity of the industry as a whole.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 1

Read the casinos terms and conditions carefully, each casino will operate according to slightly different rules. For example, when it comes to depositing or withdrawing money they will want various proofs of identity such as a scanned passport photo or a recent utility bill.  Most of the UK regulated casinos such as William Hill have expediated banking options when you choose a third party payment option like Paypal so if you are expecting to withdraw some winnings it’s worth going with a big name and using Paypal.  If you’re simply after a good time and just hoping to hit a one-off jackpot it isn’t such a big issue – unless you win!  To this end it’s a good idea to keep scanned documents in a password-protected folder on your computer so you don’t have to keep rescanning them when you sign up to a new casino.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 2

This is a fundamental rule of internet gambling; only ever open one account with the same online casino, unless they have expressly granted you permission to open numerous accounts. Many online casinos will use this excuse as a reason not to pay-out winnings, as most have it legally underwritten explicitly in their terms and conditions that this is forbidden. The reason a casino will not want players to open more than one account is that such players are then able to make use, and possibly exploit, the various welcome bonuses and other loyalty schemes the casino may be promoting. For example, they will not be happy if you claim a £10 welcome bonus twice, as such an endeavour will be sure to cost them money if all their clientele were undertaking to do the same.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 3

Make sure that you test the reliability of the casinos integrity by sending an email to their customer services department asking them a simple question. The comprehensiveness of the reply and the speed at which they answer are all indicative of the reliability of the casino. Clearly, you are looking for a quick, comprehensive response.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 4 

As with all walks of life, when you are approaching people with a complaint, it is best top start of in a courteous manner, in general, courtesy is well catered for.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 5

Use only those online casinos that use genuine, and recognised gambling software, some big names in the industry.  The names to look out for include Microgaming, Playtech, Net Ent and RealTimeGaming, amongst others.   A good way to check the reliability of a software provider is to see how long they have been around and how many casinos use their software – you can check the company homepage for details of how popular their software is and, in the end, this is the best indicator of quality. You will be able to find reviews of the various software providers, some may appeal to you more than others and you should following your instincts on which of these you prefer.  As most casinos will let you try out their software for free you can get a good feel for what you personally like in a software provider without any actual risk.  If they don’t let you try for free that’s a clear sign to stay away.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 6 

Make judgements on the way in which the individual casino is presented, does it look professional, are the graphics up to date and modern? The amount of investment that a casino puts into the design and gaming functionality of their website is often a reflection of how serious they are in their business, obviously a so-called ‘rogue casino’ will not be interested in forking out for expensive technology and good service provisions. However, do not rely solely on this information, you must also pay attention to the lengths the casino goes to keeping you as a regular player, only a legitimate casino will try to ensure that you keep returning to them. The others are just out for one-off rip-offs because that is all they know they will be able to get away with.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 7

Get an independent website like ours to help out with disputes, casinos listen when we ask them about players as they don’t want any bad publicity.  You can contact us with any problems you might have and if the casinos don’t help then we will let everyone know, this is player power.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 8 

Be wary of very large sign up bonuses, often there are long play-through requirements that mean that you will have to play many games and keep putting money into their games before they allow you to withdraw any winnings. You can get around this by placing larger bets but obviously that comes with its own risks. The large sign up bonuses of over a thousand pounds are generally spread out over several deposits so this really is a deal for hardcore gamblers.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 9

Ensure that you maintain a record of the date and time at which you downloaded the casinos software and began your account with them. Keep records of the amount that you deposit into the account and keep your username and password in a secure location so that you can always re-gain access to the account. Occasionally, if you lose both password and username you will have no recourse for getting in touch with the site or getting back onsite, of course this is usually the remit of the ‘rogue casino’.


Online Casino Gambling Tip Number 10

Always keep in mind that you are playing at a casino for entertainment purposes, and not in the hope of making millions of dollars! (Very few people ever achieve that!).