Whether or not you are new to blackjack, you can always benefit from learning about what has worked for other people. This article will focus on a couple of blackjack betting systems that can help you to build big bankrolls when playing online blackjack and also to help protect your cash if you find yourself on a losing streak.

Number One Betting System

The first blackjack betting system is the progressive 2 level system. This is one of the easiest blackjack systems to learn and use. It is also effective. First you must decide what your comfortable with betting for your maximum and minimum bets. If you lose a hand, bet you minimum in the next hand. After you win a hand, then bet your maximum. That’s it.

Number Two Betting System

The next blackjack system is similar to the first in that it is simple and effective. This blackjack system is called the progressive 5 level system. In this system you will choose 4 different levels of bets. You begin at your minimum bet. Each time you win a hand you will bump up to the next level bet. If you make it to your maximum bet by winning 4 hands in a row than drop back down to your minimum bet.

Not only do you drop down if you win four in a row, you should also drop back down to your original bet whenever you lose a hand.

These blackjack betting systems have been known to work for others in the past and could potentially help you on your way to maximizing your blackjack winnings.

Obviously in the very long run you can’t beat the house but these systems are for short sharp hits on the casino, pure gambling in other words, and casinos hate that!

Remember to make the most of any free bonuses the casinos offer for new players, the added money can further help to tip the odds in your favour.


If you are an advanced player and looking for strategies beyond the basics then have a look around our Blackjack Strategy section where we have compiled some excellent articles with tips and strategies for the more advanced player.

The basic strategy table can be viewed below, this is the minimum amount of information a skilled blackjack player should be armed with. It is useful to bookmark this page until you have memorised the basics in the blackjack graph, officially known as basic strategy:

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