UK Gambling Commission Suspends’s License

March 19th, 2020 3.00pm

The UK regulatory body has recently adopted a new approach when it comes to dealing with operators violating the country’s gambling rules. Instead of issuing financial penalties, the UK Gambling Commission has opted to suspend the violator’s license.

After revoking licenses to 3 operators in little over a month, the Gambling Commission once again did the same, forcing another online gambling company out of business. Lost Its License

On March 17, the Gambling Commission announced it had suspended’s (also knowns as The Lottery Centre) license, after conducting a thorough investigation under the provision of section 116 of the 2005 Gambling Act.

The Commission decided to suspend the company’s license due to several infringements of the Gambling Act, thus making it unable to offer betting and casino services to its customers. The investigation was conducted by the Gaming Commission due to serious anti-money laundering allegations, and also revealed the operator hadn’t been acting in a socially responsible manner. According to the decision, the license suspension had immediately taken effect.

In addition to this, was also ordered by the Gambling Condition to allow its customers to access their accounts to withdraw their money. The gambling company will need to stay in touch with their players and to provide assistance during the process.

No Comments form the Operator at the Moment is very popular among the lottery lovers around the world due to the wide offer of lottery draws it has. The list of draws they offer to their customers includes the Euro Millions, a wide variety of draws in markets in Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia and Canada, while the Powerball and Mega Millions are available to players in the United States. But their portfolio also includes RNG-based products, also knows as instant win games in some markets.

The company didn’t wish to make any comments on the decision of the Gambling Commission to suspend its operating license. Only a month ago, announced they had ambitious new plans for the upcoming period, including the plans to offer a brand-new platform to its customers.

A little over a month ago, on February 15, decided to cancel the option to place deposits and schedule wagers. The announcement also stated that the planned transition should be completed in 4 weeks. They did promise „a number of exciting developments“, but we doubt they had this in mind.

A Period Marked by Suspensions and a Record-Breaking Fine

As we’ve already mentioned, the last 5 weeks have been very busy for the Gambling Commission, as a total of 4 gambling licenses have been suspended during this period. Earlier this month, the British gambling watchdog revoked Stakers’ license, citing compliance issues as the main reason for making such a decision. Back in February, the decision to suspend the operating license held by Addison Global and its MoPlay brand sent shockwaves through the industry. This move exposed the operator’s financial problems and revealed it had owed more than £13 million to Manchester United and Watford, in payments linked to sponsorship deals with the two Premier League clubs. Triple also saw its license get suspended in February, although the reasons for this decision haven’t been fully disclosed.

In addition to these suspensions, the Gambling Commission has recently issued a record-breaking fine to one of the country’s leading gaming companies. Betway will have to pay a staggering £11.6 million penalty after it was discovered the company has been accepting stolen money from its VIP clients.

However, despite the size of this penalty, Betway’s operating license wasn’t suspended.



UKGC decided to suspend the licence due to several infringements of the Gambling Act.