UK Student Tries to Steal £24k from Grosvenor Casino

October 24th, 2023: Crime and fraud are common challenges of casinos in the gambling industry. Due to the growth of online betting, many organized crime groups now target casinos and even players in their homes to perpetuate a scam and generate money through illegal activities. We have seen news stories and reports about sophisticated fraudulent activities online, including identity theft, phishing, and even hacking. But sometimes, even unsophisticated crimes that capture industry watchers’ attention happen in the industry.  

According to reports, a 22-year-old student has admitted to an attempt to steal money from a casino. What makes the case enjoyable is the nature of this unsophisticated crime. We learned that the university student attempted to transfer money to his account after learning about the password of one of the supervisors at Grosvenor Casino.

Fraud in a UK casino

As shared by Birmingham Live, a 22-year student from London was recently sentenced after admitting to stealing a substantial sum from Grosvenor Casino. Reports say that Samuel Bob Emmanuel admitted to the crime and was sentenced to a 12-month community order by the Birmingham Crown Court. Based on the reports and court filings, the student stole roughly £24,000 from Grosvenor Casino, in a location where he is a regular bettor.

The crime happened last March 1 on Hill Street, Birmingham. As a regular bettor, Bob-Emmanuel had an account with the Grosvenor Casino on this site. Birmingham Live reported that Bob-Emmanuel memorized the PIN code one of the supervisors at Grosvenor Casino used by one of its supervisors. After memorizing the PIN, he returned to the site the next day and visited the poker room, which was unattended at the time. Here, he transferred £24,000 of the casino’s money into his account using the supervisor’s PIN, which he obtained while visiting the premises the other night. After making the transfer, Bob-Emmanuel immediately left the casino.

The casino immediately sounded the alarm on the attempted theft. Grosvenor’s security team then checked out the CCTV footage, and from there, they confirmed the crime committed by the suspect. Sadly, the suspect failed to collect the money as TSB Bank quickly put the transaction on hold. During the investigation, it was found that Bob-Emmanuel acted alone and obtained the supervisor’s PIN without collusion. The bank’s fraud team froze the money, and was immediately returned to the casino.

25-day rehabilitation for Bob-Emmanuel

Bob-Emmanuel has admitted to the fraud by false representation and was already sentenced to serve 150 hours of unpaid work and 25 days of rehabilitation. He worked with Mohammed Nasser for the trial and shared that he temporarily paused his university activities to prepare for the final year.

Naser further explained that he (Bob-Emmanuel) “has not sought to prevaricate or delay matters. He has not sought to conceal or dispose of evidence. Of course, the unsophisticated nature of the offense means it was always going to come back to him”.