Unknown Woman Leaves Her Child in a Las Vegas Casino

January 5th, 2021 2.00pm

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police has announced it is still looking for a woman who left her three-year-old child in the Wynn Las Vegas casino last week.

The little girl was founded by security officers on December 29, 2020, around noon. The casino immediately contacted the child protective service, which put the girl under their custody. The child is healthy and in a good state.

The ongoing investigation has revealed the woman and the girl took a cab to the Fashion Show Mall on Tuesday. The cab driver explained the woman had asked him about the location of the nearest shelter. It’s still unclear how she got to the Wynn Hotel.

Authorities Are Looking for the Woman

The alleged mother and her toddler arrived at the casino around 11am that day, while the security cameras showed the woman had left the property a bit later and was seen on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Currently, police don’t know the women’s identity, which is why the officer has asked the public to help them find her. According to available information, she is black, five feet, five inches tall and in her mid-to-late twenties. The surveillance footage shows her wearing leggings, while police believe she could be from Nigeria.

During her stay at the casino, she had a blonde wig with a ponytail.

Speaking to local media, Lieutenant David Valenta of the Las Vegas Metro Police said the incident represented a reminder that social services and community organisations could help all those in need.

Valenta pointed out that help was available. All those people need to do is ask for it.

Unfortunately, this is something that frequently happens at casinos. Parents go gambling and leave their children unattended, as minors are typically prohibited from being on gaming floors. Children get lost, or their parents simply forget they’d even left them waiting.

A Long History Of Cases Like This

Strolling back through news sections, we find plenty of cases like this one.

Back in February, a father of a three-year-old boy left his son locked in a car, while he placed sports bets at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The autistic boy spent half an hour in an unheated vehicle, on a windy winter’s day.

A passerby saw the child in the car at the casinos’ car park and called the police. The father was taken into custody and later charged with neglecting a child and preventing a police officer from doing his duty.

Last January, a couple from Texas stopped at a petrol station, where they played electronic gaming machines. At the same time, they left their toddler sleeping in the car. Both of them were charged with abandoning a child.

But there’s more to this story. Since the couple left their car running, two teenagers quickly stole it. They noticed the toddler and left him in a local park, located 17 miles from the store. The two youngsters were also arrested and charged with theft and kidnapping.

Following an incident that took place in June 2018, an older woman from Oklahoma pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. She left her five-year-old grandson in the car to go to a casino. The grandmother spent more than six hours in the Kickapoo Casino, while the boy was later found dead in the back seat of her car.

In the meantime, the authorities continue to look for the woman who left the little girl at the casino restroom. Although several cameras managed to catch her, she was wearing a surgical mask, so it’s hard to identify her.



Unfortunately, cases like this often occur at casinos across the States