Winner Found- The Hunt for £169k Las Vegas Slots Winner

August 9th, 2022

We’re familiar with stories and anecdotes about players spending many sessions and a sizable bankroll just to hit a decent jackpot on online slots. Many players spend long hours in their favorite slot machines to collect a winning combination or score the network’s top jackpot. There are also stories about some players blowing their bankroll on a single game in the hope of collecting the progressive jackpot, but with no satisfying results. 

But have you heard about a story of a casino player leaving a casino unaware that he hit the game’s jackpot? Well, it happened to one Las Vegas player, and here’s how the story goes.

The case of the £169,000 jackpot at Treasure Island

The incident happened in the famous Las Vegas strip last January 8, 2022, at the Treasure Island Casino. Robert Taylor of Arizona player was playing on his favorite slot machine. On one of his spins, he unknowingly lands the game’s winning combination. There was a ‘communications error’ on the slot machine, which means neither the player nor the casino was aware of this huge payout, according to the Nevada Control Board (NGCB).

The Mask slot machine

According to Mr. Taylor, he played a popular slot machine based on the hit movie ‘The Mask’ that starred Jim Carrey. He mentioned that the slot machine encountered an error in the middle of his session, which failed to alert him about the progressive jackpot. He said the machine froze multiple times and thought the game had malfunctioned. He added that he was in the middle of the game’s Bonus feature, and the wheel kept spinning. The game did not indicate that the jackpot had been won, so he just left the machine.

Search begins

Since the mistake was identified late in the day, the casino’s management tried to identify and confirm the player’s account. It also did not help that Mr. Taylor had already traveled to Arizona, so it was difficult for the casino’s management to complete the identification. This is where the NGCB entered the picture, and a Hollywood-style manhunt begins, but for a lucrative and happy cause.

In coordination with the casino, the NGCB reviewed hours’ worth of CCTV footage for two weeks. The team also studied electronic records, interviewed staff and other players, and tapped into transportation data. After three weeks of research, interviews, and footage reviews, the team finally identified Mr. Taylor. He was informed that his trip to Las Vegas three weeks ago was exciting and profitable- he won the £169,000 jackpot!

State’s Gaming Board issues a statement

In a statement, the Gaming Board reiterated its support for the gaming industry, particularly in ensuring public trust. The Head of Enforcement, Mr. James Taylor, commends the agents of the Enforcement Division for ensuring public trust in the industry by spending hours just to locate and inform the winner or his jackpot.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is tasked with strictly regulating the gaming industry in the state and protecting its players and other stakeholders. This development indicates that regulated gambling in the state of Nevada is thriving and has the support of state authorities.

Mr. Taylor received his jackpot from the casino at this writing.

Treasure Island
The Treasure Island Casino at the Vegas strip