You’ll Never Guess What Crazy Gambling Stats We Know from the Last Week

It’s been a crazy week across the world. Some people feel it’s ushering in the dawn of a new hope, others the dawn of despair. Who knows? You might think that it’s just the political world that’s been rocked by the changes, but according to our crazy gambling stats, we’ve been rocked too. Read on to discover some of the crazy ways the rest of the world has impacted on gambling.

Shares in online casinos plummet

With the announcement yesterday of a covid vaccine (woohoo!), the stock market went wild. There were winners (Pfizer, obviously, who saw a 9% jump in share value) and losers. High up in the loser category were online casinos. This is largely expected because, as we’re allowed outside again, people will have less reason to spend time online. Consequently, there’ll be less money played on the online casinos.

We’re likely to see the losses in the online gambling world offset somewhat by a return to gambling on real-world events, such as sport. This happened following the first lockdown.

However, given that we’re just at the start of lockdown two, and that the vaccine isn’t ready yet, the mass sell-off may be a bit premature. It’s highly likely that the online casinos will continue to see a higher-than-average number of punters over the winter.

British punter loses $5million on the biggest political bet ever made

One of you had a lot of belief in an election win for Donald Trump, enough to wager $5m that he’d win. According to the bookies, this is the biggest political bet ever taken. I don’t know why they thought he’d win – all the polls predicted a loss. Barring the supreme court from overthrowing the election results, that punter has lost A LOT of money – whoopsy. And, even if they somehow overturn the election, I’m not sure the bookies will pay out anyway because, technically, the win didn’t happen on election night.

Ah well, you live and learn. Maybe next time, eh?

British punter wins on a $1million bet, the second biggest political bet ever made

What is it with the UK placing bets on another country’s election? But another (this time lucky) punter won a hefty sum after placing $1m on a Biden win. Whoever won is set to get back around $1.9m, not bad for a weekend’s work. Maybe both punters are actually Americans, but aren’t allowed to place these bets over there? They have stricter gambling rules in the USA, although that is starting to change.

A Wealthy businessman is trying to sue a London casino after losing £27m in 5 days

Yep, you read that correctly: someone spent £27m in 5 days. You know they have a bit of a gambling problem when they chose to bet it all playing roulette. There’s practically no skill involved, and playing roulette is all about the buzz you get from an eventual win.

Anyway, this dude played £27m in 5 days and then expected the casino to give him some of it back. It’s not looking good for him, and even if he wins the case, he’s only getting back a small fraction of the spend. Either way, I think he’d benefit from reading one of our problem gambling articles.

You can get paid for having experienced a gambling addiction

We are lucky to live in a country where people care about the harm we may experience from gambling addiction. The Gambling Commission is a government body whose role it is to help support the industry to make sure that it’s safe for punters and society as a whole, e.g. they monitor casinos to ensure they aren’t laundering money.

The Gambling Commission is currently recruiting ex-gamblers, or people who’ve experienced harm because of a gambler, to help them better understand the issues faced by problem gamblers and the people around them. You can earn £270 per day, for 1 day’s work a month, and you’ll be helping other people too.

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