BlackBerry Casinos

Blackberries were a fantastic autumn fruit in the British Isles. Then the Blackberry name became synonymous with the first phone to link phones with the internet, via email pushing, and everyone had a Blackberry if they wanted to be at the cutting edge. But Blackberry missed out on the smartphone revolution and dropped out of public sight for a while.

But Blackberry is very much back, and their range of smartphones, Z10s and Q10s for example are now proving popular. And any smartphone that wants to have customers in the 2020s has to be compatible with online casinos.

So there are plenty of BlackBerry casinos for you to check out, and in this guide, we’ll tell you how to find them, how to judge if they’re safe to use, and how to get the most out of them.

Let’s have a look.

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What is a BlackBerry Casino?

BlackBerry phones operate with their own system, and this puts you in a class of your own. And it might be a slightly lonely class. But it’s not empty.

You can do what the vast majority of online casino users do: load up your browser, do a search, and cruise along to a casino site and check it out.

Or you can download apps. This you need to do via the BlackBerry marketplace.

Mobile phone markets are based on a sort of tipping point. A company needs either to have pre-existing power that will encourage developers to make apps and products that work specifically on their platform. Or they need to win such a share of the market that developers have to get on board in order to reach their customers.

This isn’t yet the case with BlackBerry. They are not at the level of Apple, with their iPhone, and iPad casinos. And Android casinos can be played on a huge array of phones from a big selection of developers.

This is a matter of time and changes in consumer behaviour. In time, more companies will sign up with Blackberry. Their phones are good quality and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t do well in the market, and as they do more and more casino sites will sign up with them.

Plusses of Blackberry Casinos

You can enjoy every plus of any mobile casino with a Blackberry casino.

That means you can play Blackberry casino games anywhere at any time. The phone supports the latest tech, so you can enjoy HTML5 games on your Blackberry casino. Some Blackberry phones work with Android devices, and you can enjoy all of the Android games and features on online casinos with those sites.

BlackBerry phones work well and have great features, including good connectivity, so you should have no problem getting online and getting your game on with a BlackBerry Casino.

How to find a safe Blackberry Casinos

What about safety though?

That’s the first priority for any online casino user in our opinion.

BlackBerry are a trusted company. In fact, Blackberry are happy to claim that their phones are the most secure on the market. Naturally, a lot of businesses would like to do this, but BlackBerry back up their claims and we do suggest that you take a look at their sites and read up on their security systems.

That’s the start. Having a good, secure phone is a brilliant way.

Then you need to find a safe site.

Safe sites will be licensed. The first job for any online casino player is to check that the sites they are considering are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This is the only way to play online gambling games safely. Without licensing you are putting yourself at risk, so never ever try to get around this step.

How to Keep Yourself Safe at BlackBerry Casinos

Licensing and a safe phone are a good start, but you also need to behave yourself.

Keep all your tech up to date. Accept all the advice you can find on passwords, and encryption: look at sites to see that they have good encryption and data protection policies – your personal details can be as valuable as your money these days.

Play safely when you’re out and about. Log out of sites when you’re not playing and be aware around shared networks and Wi-Fi hotspots that aren’t encrypted, particularly if you’re transferring money. It’s incredibly easy to get hacked without you having a clue.

Make sure you know how to lock down your phone and your gambling and bank accounts without your phone if you need to.

All of this could save you a fortune.

Games to Enjoy BlackBerry Casinos

BlackBerry Casinos

BlackBerry means good quality, so once you know that you’re safe you deserve to find yourself a casino site that matches your phone.

If you download an app, then just tap the screen head there and sign in to play.

But before you even sign up you should give a site a good look over.

This is what we think you should expect to find at a top-quality BlackBerry Casino today:

Slots at BlackBerry Casinos

Slots are what most of our readers are interested in so we always cover them first.

Most sites have a massive selection of games these days.

They are often arranged in a number of ways:

Front pages will be filled with the most popular games and games that the site wants to promote (for whatever reason, though we do assume some sort of marketing and promotion link between sites and game developers).

Most sites want you to look at new games too, so check out that list.

You can almost always list games by the developers who made them. This is a useful short cut. If you enjoyed a NetEnt game then it’s a fair bet that you’ll enjoy the next one. Browsing by the developer is another way to check out your new BlackBerry casino.

Some sites go even further and categorise slot games by type or by theme. You should certainly be able to find a list of jackpot games, with big progressive prizes. More and more these days you’ll find a list of guaranteed drop games, which are games that pay out a big prize to a timetable of some sort.

Casino Games at BlackBerry Casinos

Casino games are available in two forms at most modern BlackBerry casinos: they can be run as simulators or played as live games with real people manning the tables and games played in real-time.

Here we’ll look at simulators first.

Although we’re a million miles away from the traditional casino experience in a lot of ways, there is still a lot that people want to enjoy in the same way.

The top games, for example, are almost always those old favourites roulette and blackjack. Both of these games should be available in a number of variants – both rule changes and presentational tricks – at your BlackBerry casino site.

Beyond those two old favourites, you will almost always find baccarat, craps or another dice game, and an array of poker variants played against a dealer.

Poker can also be played in poker rooms online, where players compete against each other.

Other Games at BlackBerry Casinos

Beyond slots and casino games the online gambling world has continued to expand.

Slots have a couple of cousins.

Scratchcards are single-shot slots that are basically an online version of the cards you can buy and play in real life.

Slingo games are a variant on slots that brings in elements of the game of bingo.

Video poker is the granddaddy of slots in some ways. All of the slots we play today are based on original games that were rip-offs of poker.

Video poker is a great value and good fun. However, as these games are rarely new release you may struggle to find a large selection of them to play on your BlackBerry casino.

Live Casino games on BlackBerry Casinos

Whether you download an app or you browse to a site on your BlackBerry you will probably find a live casino at your new BlackBerry casino site.

Live casinos have exploded in recent years. They are very simple in some senses: they recreate the experience of playing in a real-world casino, but do it over a long-distance link.

Live casino games are normally slightly more expensive to start playing. They are staffed and cannot be run on a computer simulation. This means that the opening bets are usually a little higher than in other games. This also means that you cannot play live casino games for free other than in very limited ways. So learn your stuff before you start throwing your chips on the table.

The most popular games are those old favourites roulette and blackjack. You will find a huge array of tables offering these games.

You’ll be offered choices between game styles, like European and American roulette, and Vegas and Atlantic City blackjack. There are also presentational styles to be chosen between. Roulette games can be sped up, or played entirely automatically, for example. Blackjack is generally played as a quiet one-on-one game, but live casino sites on your Blackberry might offer you a fun party atmosphere for your game.

All of the other casino classics will be offered in most BlackBerry casino sites.

Baccarat is very popular, often themed around East Asian gambling tastes and available as a close relative called Dragon Tiger.

Sic bo is another game that is becoming popular around the world, and it is also popular at live casino sites.

Other live games at BlackBerry Casinos

As live casinos have exploded, the providers who produce the games have continued to expand the number of titles they offer.

This encourages players to spend more time – and money – at their sites.

These now include play along with slot titles, games themed on TV game shows, and virtual sports games that allow you to bet on a simulation of a sports fixture.

These games are bringing even more of a social element to online casino gaming which can be a solitary pursuit – it’s another way your BlackBerry can keep you connected.

Payment Methods at BlackBerry Casinos

You may be able to play some of these games for free. They can be played as demonstration games at most casinos – once you’ve verified that you’re of legal age to do so. Most manufacturers also offer free versions of their games at their own websites. And sites like ours and other review and rating sites often have free versions of games too, but you will have to prove your age in some way.

Most players want to play for real money though.

In order to do that you’ll need an account at a casino site. This is easily done, and most sites will get you signed in and signed up in just a few minutes. There may be a requirement to prove your identity and age to a higher standard before you can receive pay-outs or pay-outs over a certain level, which you will have to do via uploaded id documents. This may involve a desktop computer at some point in your Blackberry casino journey.

To fund your account you can use one of four families of payment methods:

  • Banks,
  • E-wallets,
  • Prepaid cards,
  • Mobile payments.


Banking is the method most of us understand. If you have a bank account and a debit card you can input the details to make a payment directly from your account by transfer, or you can use your card. These methods are very fast, very trusted, and really easy to use.

E-wallets are basically online banks these days. Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are the biggest names in the online gambling industry. All of them are well known and they are all trusted (though you should still take all of the precautions that you can). Signing up with them is easy and using them at casino sites takes just a few seconds. There are restrictions on how you can use some of these systems, including limits on deposits or withdrawals or barring you from accepting welcome offers.

Prepaid cards are fast and simple. They allow you to turn real-life cash into digital money. You can buy plastic cards in stores and juice them up via cash or a card. You’re given a code or password that you can use to deposit money into your casino account. You will usually see your credit go through instantly, but you cannot often accept withdrawals to a prepaid card.

Mobile payments are the new frontier for online payments. There are a couple of apps that are available, Boku and pay by phone, that allow you to use your phone bill to pay for casino play. The limits on these methods are usually very low. This is because it is a form of credit gambling which is, in most cases, illegal in the UK. Apple Pay is only available on iOS devices so needn’t concern BlackBerry casino users.

You need to check out the details of the site that you’re using as you sign up. It’s common practice at casino sites to expect withdrawal payments to be made to the same payment methods that the player used to open or fund their account.

As ever, we’re keen to stress that your first priority around money and gambling should be safety.

Understanding Welcome Offers at Blackberry Casinos

The first transaction you have at your new Blackberry casino will be the deposit that opens your account.

This deposit will almost certainly come with the option of accepting a welcome offer. These offers are big headline numbers that actually come with big restrictions.

A fairly typical example might be a welcome offer that promises you 100% of your first deposit up to a maximum of £100 along with 20 free spins on a popular slot.

While that sounds really fantastic you need to know that there are restrictions with offers like this.

The one that shocks most people is the wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is an amount of money that you must deposit in your account to unlock any money you receive from a bonus or win with a bonus. It’s not untypical for this figure to be as high as 35-times your deposit. That means that if you deposit £10 then you need to put in £350 of your own money to unlock anything you might win with the £10 bonus you get. And that’s before we get deep into the small print and a load of other restrictions.

Enjoy BlackBerry Casinos

Blackberry is an underrated phone and BlackBerry casinos are an underrated casino option. We’ve thrown a lot of information at you in this piece and we hope you’ve found it informative. If you remember one thing from this piece remember this: gambling should be considered an entertainment and you should budget to pay for it, never ever spend money that you cannot afford to lose, set strict limits on your gambling spending and time, and make safety your first priority in everything you do!