UK players have always had a love affair with online slot games. Discover the best UK online slots, play free slots and claim the best UK casino slots bonuses!

Those who say UK players are keen gamblers will always be pretty spot on. In Britain, there is a very tangible gambling culture which is felt in all of the three countries on the island. It is no far stretch to suggest that a massive part of the country enjoys a flutter every now and again. These days, the majority of bets and games are played online and the online slots are one of the favourites.

The rise of the internet has given way to a number of sites and online casinos which have kept players more than happy for a good few years now. The choice for players is growing even more by the day, with a new casino seemingly finding its feet online pretty much every day.

UK players do have a love affair with online slot games. It is only natural that this should continue.

Let’s have a closer look at the world of online slots in our guide.

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What makes a good slots casino stand out?

There are now hundreds and hundreds of slot casinos for UK online gambling fans to choose from.

It’s no easy task to sort the wheat from the chaff. While it’s getting more and more difficult to get scammed online the multiplicity of options can leave players scratching their heads and constantly browsing for new sites rather than enjoying their games.

So what makes the good slots casino stand out?

1 – First and foremost: safety!

Forget everything if a site isn’t safe and demonstrably so. You want to see a valid, up-to-date UK Gambling Commission licence or you should hit the back button faster than you hit the collect button after a big win.

You can be picky if you want because some quite big names have endorsements on their licenses for dodgy behaviour of one sort or another. Not many sites are bad enough to lose their licence, but if you want to be ultra-sure look for clean licences.

2 – Games, Games, Games!

Do you want to play slots? Do you have any idea how many new slots are released each month? We don’t, and we’re paid to follow this stuff! There’s simply too much information to keep up with absolutely everything, so you need to find a site that is picking the sorts of games you like.

A good way to go is to follow developers you like: big names like NetEnt slots and Microgaming, but also innovative designers like Thunderkick. You want to see your old favourites, plus a good supply of new titles.

3 – When a man is tired of online slots, is he tired of life?

Do you just play slots? It’s a pretty simple diet don’t you think. There are specialist slot sites, but most of them also offer casino games, live casinos and more. There may even be a link to a sports betting operation, and if a brand works for you, why not make it work for you across the board?

4 – Bonus bonanza!

We ask players to be wary of bonuses. They have a lot of restrictions on them and we’d urge every single slot player to rest upon and fully understand what a big welcome bonus actually means. But once you’ve got your head around them you should absolutely play the system for all that its worth. We don’t think you’re likely to get rich off bonus cash, but you can certainly save yourself money by using bonuses and free spins to check out online slots sites you might not like.

5 – Social life?!

Slots are kind of a solitary pursuit. How about finding a social aspect to your gaming? A lot of the best sites have lively social media sites where you might meet your fellow players, and some promotions – like tournaments or team games – also have a social aspect. If you want to lose some of the loneliness of the long-distance slot player then look for a slots casino with a social aspect too!

Best UK Online Slots – Free Slots & Online Slots Reviews

Check this list of some of the best UK online slots. All of the UK slot games listed below come with reviews and free demo modes. Give them a try before you play online slots for real money!

UK Online Slots Guide

Spinning is what most of our players love most.

The online video slot is the biggest noise in the online casino market. That’s true in the UK, and it’s true worldwide.

Slots are popular because they’re simple to play, and they’ve converted beautifully well from the bricks-and-mortar world of the casino, where the industry calls them “cabinet games” and punters call them “fruit machines” to the online space.

All you need to play an online slot is enough screen space to show a set of reels and a big usually green start button.

You can tell that the industry loves them because they’re on the front page of every casino site in the world. You can forget the glamour and mystique of roulette and baccarat, when it comes to getting the customers in, UK slots casinos know to stick a good variety of quality slots up on their shop window.

Online Slot Machines are popular in the UK

And people must be coming in. It’s hardly scientific, but a Google search at the start of November 2018 returned 629 million results for the simple term “slots”.

There are thousands of developers producing many thousands of games that are played in hundreds of UK slots casinos.

A huge variety of genres, styles, and technological tricks of the trade are on parade on those lobby pages. Every style from traditional to the cutting edge, including the emerging world of 3D slots and the soon-to-come world of virtual reality slots, is paraded before prospective players.

That’s before you even consider the specialisations that have gone into converting slots into mobile games, and then producing games specifically that work best on smaller screens. That’s the big deal now, slots that are designed by mobile-first studios who are able to put a whole load of magic into a tiny screen.

Keep your wits about you

We always remind our readers of one thing. No matter how good they look, how bright the lights, and how catchy the tune that plays over the beautiful intro screen, online video slots are a form of gambling. Gambling is a form of entertainment, and you have to pay for entertainment.

It is perfectly possible that you will win more than you spend, it is perfectly possible you will put 25p in a slot and win a life-changing amount of money – someone did in the UK in 2015 – but it is very unlikely.

We never want to put people off playing the great video slots that are on the market. We love them! It’s our business! But we want you to play them safely and legally without endangering your health, your finances or your personal data.

So, keep your wits about you when you play online slots. Follow safe gambling advice and accept that they’re a fun way to spend some time rather than a way to change your financial fortunes.

How to play online slots

Slots are very much entry-level gambling because they’re so simple to play. Within a couple of minutes of encountering one for the very first time in their life, most people know what to do and get the gist of it.

There are a whole lot of variations, and a lot of clever extras and bonus rounds on slots but the theme on which they weave their differences is simple and well established.

You put up some money – your wager.

You press a button and something happens. The spin.

If the spin ends in one of a large number of predetermined ways then you win a prize that is related to the unlikelihood of that event happening.

So that boils things down to their essence. And that will get you through your experiences with most slots.

You’ll probably need an account to play at a casino.

Play Slots

Always have your eyes open for free slot games, free spins, free games at review sites, and slot demo mode at your favourite site but if you want to play slots for real money you’ll need to fund your account with enough cash to cover the minimum bet.

Head to the machine you fancy – simplest is the best place to start – and press play. The reels will spin, or maybe some symbols will fall into place or some other variant of a random event.

Typically you’re looking for sets of matching symbols landing next to each other on the reels. The more the merrier.

Slot Pay Table

You’ll find a list of these combinations and the rewards they pay by clicking to see the Pay-table. This is something you should always do. It’s often behind an “i” for information, sometimes listed under “help” or under a three-line menu symbol.

The pay-table should list all the winning combinations and what prize they’ll pay. Usually, this is expressed as a multiple of the stake you bet – so 3X for three times whatever it is you’ve bet – even though some slot machines work out the amount from your current bet.

The pay-table will also probably list the two most common sorts of special symbols: wilds and scatters. Wild symbols stand in for standard symbols in order to make the best possible winning combination. Sometimes they also trigger bonus features. Scatters are symbols that count as a set simply on their number rather than where they appear on the reels in relation to each other. They are usually the mechanism to trigger slot bonus rounds. Both wilds and scatters often pay a prize in their own right too.

Modern slots are different

Modern slots usually have many different pay-lines along which the symbols can match up. These should be explained in the pay-table too. Ten and 20 pay-lines are common numbers, but some machines use a ‘ways to pay’ calculation – or even their own branded version – to come up with numbers into the thousands.

In machines with pay-lines, you may be offered the choice of how many lines you want to bet on. This will give you two choices when you place your wager. Usually, you’ll be asked to set a line amount – often expressed in coins, so make sure you know what a coin is worth – and then you can decide how many lines you want to bet on. These two numbers multiplied together will give you the betting total.

Some pay-line machines divide up the pay-lines into bet levels. These might run from 1 to 4 and will select a new set of pay-lines to add to your bet at each new level.

Watch your balance

Always keep an eye on your balance and bet amount when you play. A lot of sites use “coins” as a value on their machines. It could be that this is a convenient way of expressing sometimes complicated numbers. Or it could be a way of disconnecting you from the idea that you’re playing with actual currency.

Who can say?

What we can say for sure is that reputable casinos will always make it easy to see your account balance in actual, real monetary terms and that’s the balance that’s more important than the number of coins you’re playing with.

Once you’ve pressed the spin button you’ll see the result of the spin. If you win, your balance may simply increase by the amount you’ve won. Or you might be offered the chance to gamble your win into something bigger. These gamblers are usually simple binary (sometimes quadruple) choices on the toss of a coin or turn of a card and are most often double-or-quit chances. Occasionally you’ll see a game of skill.

If you’re lucky your spin may bring up a bonus game, which will allow you to play for even bigger money.

There’s a huge variety of these. A few are games of skill. Some are guessing games. The most common are free spins rounds that grant you a set number of free goes at the game. Players love these, and they often come with extra symbols on the reels, prize multipliers or extra bonuses.

Read the small print

So you’re seeing that modern slots can be quite sophisticated machines.

So – again! – we can’t stress enough that you should always read the rules (the pay-table at least) before you play an online slot game. Always make sure it’s the actual game on the actual site you’re playing on. Don’t assume you know what you’re doing because you’ve seen a similar game before. Once you start playing games can move pretty quickly, and you don’t want to be wondering over a decision when there’s real money at risk.

Online Slots Odds, pay-outs and RTP

As this is gambling you’ll want to know the exact odds against each combination you’re betting on won’t you?

Well, good luck with that.

Of course, slots are slightly different, because instead of betting on a particular outcome of your choice. For example, I believe that Leeds United will beat Manchester United 17 – 0 in the final of the Champions League in a couple of years, and I believe that that’s very likely to happen, so I’m happy to bet £1 million at even odds, which is 1/1, which is that you get your stake back along with a “prize” of the same amount.

With a slot, you simply select a stake and are given a prize if a set of pre-determined things happen. You don’t get to choose you’d like to see three bars, and the chances against that are 7/1, so you get seven times your stake (minus the house edge, of course) in return.

You may be allowed to choose how many pay-lines you bet on, but, still no choice on the particular outcome you favour.

However, it should still be possible to work out the odds on a particular outcome. It’s not always easy to do, but you probably could find the information you need. An old-style slot with a single pay-line and three reels, each with 10 different symbols that repeated across the reels, would have a 999/1 chance of hitting a three-symbol match up.

So, it is possible to work this stuff out, but you should probably accept that the information needed to do it with a modern slot, with, up to seven reels, and dozens of pay-lines is too complicated to bother with.

Take a search on the internet for technical data if you like, though, and sharing this stuff might be useful to other players.

What the hell is Theoretical Return to Player (or RTP)?

One of the dangers for the relative newcomer to slots is mistaking the one measure they are given with a slot for some sort of measure of the odds.

This figure is the Theoretical Return to Player, and it is usually abbreviated to RTP.

You’re likely to get quite excited when you see this figure. Typically, a modern online slot will offer an RTP of between 95% and 97%.

Wow! But, stop yourself, please if you think you have a nearly 100% chance of winning on that slot. You don’t.

The RTP is a long-term measure of how the machine will pay-out over its whole career. It’s how the casino works. Customers put in £1million, say, and they collect the 5% that’s outside that RTP, or £50,000.

And these figures aren’t exact. They’re just a prediction. Properly regulated casinos – and you should always play at only licensed casinos with the UK Gambling Commission’s approval – will still be offering games that are genuinely random.

The game is “fair” in that sense. Each time you spin, you really do have a chance of hitting that massive prize. The fact that today’s spins are just numbers flitting across a screen somewhere rather than reels going round doesn’t alter that fact.

The problem for players is that they believe the RTP is a measure of how they will do on a particular game or slot machine. It is not! There is no guarantee that you won’t bet everything you own on a machine and lose every time. Just as there is no guarantee that you won’t win the first time you ever play and buy a nice house in Miami to retire to.

There is no online slots strategy

You should be wary of people – in slots reviews and the like – who seem to offer you a way to get around the essential randomness of slots.

There is no way around. There is no trick.

This is partly a hangover from the days when a player played in real life and would watch machines, see that they hadn’t paid out for a while, and think that their chance of paying out was therefore higher.

Well, they had a bit of a point. Those old mechanical machines did have timed jackpots.

This is no longer true.

There is nothing you can do by changing the amount you bet, by changing the way you bet, by playing the machine at a different site, by playing the machine at a different time, or anything else to increase the random chance of a random event happening.

This sort of stuff is up there with footballers wearing “lucky boots” or carrying amulets to keep you safe. It doesn’t work, but if it’s a thing you enjoy playing around with or doing in a non-serious way then, by all means, go ahead and do it.

So have some fun with crossing your fingers, wearing your purple velvet boxers, and turning around three times before you press spin, but accept that it makes absolutely no difference.

The only slot strategies that work are those that keep more money in your hands for the long run by betting small. But these don’t increase your chance of winning a big prize.

Possibly the worst people in the gambling world are those who sell online slots strategies to vulnerable people. There is no slot strategy! Do not fall for this! Run a million miles from any site or review that tells you “how to win” on a game because they are lying to you.

Enjoy slots and play them for fun!

Types of casino slots

There’s a lot of fun to be had from the huge variety of slots on the market today.

The first slot machine was introduced in 1891 when a New York company came up with a gambling machine that simulated poker. They hadn’t even worked out how to fill the machines up with cash, so you won a prize from the bar or café you were in – mine’s a beer!

When regulators cracked down on this new type of gambling (the United States has a long history of trying to ban gambling – and, not coincidentally, a long history of particularly rich and successful organised crime organisations), inventors started adding new symbols to the reels to get away from the link with card games. And so was born, probably in 1895 in California, the “fruit machine”. Bells became popular because of appeals to American patriotism characterised by a top-paying set of Liberty Bell symbols.

The BAR that’s still popular, was part of the logo of a company that produced machines that paid out in chewing gum. The use of food prizes was another way of getting around gambling laws.

But machines kept getting more legitimate, and by 1963 Bally – who are still out there and very much in the online market too – had an electromechanical machine. In 1976 the first video slot used a TV screen and simple computers to spin its virtual reels for Las Vegas casino patrons. IGT bought the rights to the machines, and you’ll still see these guys on casino sites too.

It’s from these games that the online video slots you love so much are derived. So there’s a direct link from poker to a sophisticated video slot.

3 Reel Slots

The simplest machines have just three reels. It would be possible to have fewer I guess, but no-one does.

The vast majority of real-world slot machines, fruit machines or one-armed bandits for the vast majority of their history have been three-reel machines. Those first machines back in the 19th century were set up with three reels.

But 3 reel slots are pretty rare on online casino sites. They’ve definitely been superseded by bigger and better machines. Players seem to like having more reels, so that’s what companies provide.

You shouldn’t think that the number of reels on an online video slot makes a difference to the slot odds of you winning or losing. It will, of course, affect the calculation of the odds of the many possible combinations of symbols. But the effect for the player will be limited by the machine’s set-up by its maker, and the only measure you’ll get is the RTP we went into earlier.

There has lately been a bit of a revival in not just 3 reel slots, but simpler games in general.

This is because the world is going mobile mad. The majority of internet access is now done via mobiles and tablets, and the majority of gambling customers are arriving at sites and playing that way too. Mobile and tablet screens are getting better and better all the time, but they’re still relatively small, and – particularly if you’re sitting on a bus or train – players like simpler games in this context.

3 reel slots work really well on the vertically-styled mobile screen.

5 Reel Slots

By far the commonest of online video slots is the 5 reel slots game.

We could come up with some outlandish theory why this is – perhaps one dragging in the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, and the Chinese Communist Party – but we haven’t got one.

The truth is that it’s probably a matter of visual taste as much as anything. Odd numbers of reels seem to work better visually.

There will be mathematical implications to the number of reels, which will increase the amount of possible finishing positions of the reels exponentially. It also allows a much larger amount of pay-lines, and to pay out for sets of symbols that don’t fill the reels.

5 reel slots dominate the market for the moment. In time, that may change as players look for even more novelty and excitement, but if the drift to mobile continues then it seems that screen size will start to become an even more pressing matter for designers.

6 Reel Slots

Adding an extra reel adds a load of new possibilities to a game. But these are largely technical, mathematical things that go on behind the scenes and that the player never really sees.

Again, the main difference in the experience for the player – whose winnings will be limited by chance and the set-up of the machine – is a visual one.

So don’t go into a game on six reels thinking that you’re more likely to win because of that extra reel, because you’re not.

Play 6 reel slots because you like them. They provide a change to your experience, and, you never know, you might get lucky.

That’s what designers are trying to offer. New ways of looking at the game.

You might now see machines that are using their freeing from actual physical reels in quite exciting ways. This might mean adding reels, it might mean getting rid of reels altogether in order to replace them with stacks of rocks, or anything you can come up with. After all, the only real requirement for the game to work is for a random event to happen – it can look like anything!

Recently we’ve seen 6 reel slots with different numbers of symbols lining up on each reel. Exciting times.

7 Reel Slots

We’re getting to the top of the pile now! More than seven reels are really going to be a visual challenge for players. Have no doubt, though, 8 reel slots will turn up and become popular sooner or later, it just seems inevitable.

So what should you make of 7 reel slots?

Exactly the same as you would make of any other slot machine is the answer. This is a cosmetic exercise in every way that affects the player. As we keep saying, it will not change your chances of winning other than in ways that the machine’s designers decide. It will not be “luckier” for you.

So the reason to play 7 reel slots is the same reason that you would play any other online slot game. Because you enjoy them!

There’s more opportunity in a 7 reel slot for a designer to indulge their visual skills, so the games might be beautiful. More symbol spaces also offer the opportunity to do more with the bonus games. And there will almost certainly be a hell of a lot more pay-lines.

If you like any of those things, and you enjoy a game, then check out 7 reel slots.

3D Slots

The future is here!

Well, the present is here, but it’s looking more and more exciting as technology advances and the gambling world continues to innovate.

But let’s not get carried away with ourselves. What are 3D slots? They’re slots with 3D or 3D effect graphics. And that’s it!

If you like 3D or 3D effect graphics and you have the tech to try them out on your home computer or on your phone then you should dive in and take a look at 3D slots.

The actual gameplay and your chances of winning are unlikely to change, but you might enjoy yourself more, and that’s always what you should be aiming for.

When innovation pays the player

The only likely way that new games like 3D slots, slots with many more reels, slots with alternative methods of delivering symbol combinations, and – in time – virtual reality slots will actually pay the player back is when they are new.

Casino sites and video slot game designers are businesses like any other. They are designing new things because they know that you – the player – are very keen on new things (you could argue that we’re addicted to novelty in the internet age).

While new things are attractive, when players are gambling with real money they are likely to be a little more cautious.

So the time to check out new innovations is when they are new. That’s when casino sites want to use something new and shiny as a way of getting you to sign up, so you’re more likely to be offered free spins or welcome bonuses or other freebies in relation to new and innovative titles.

So, do keep your eyes open for that sort of offer.

Fruit Slots

Fruit seems an odd mix with gambling. In fact, it was in order to make early slot machines not look like gambling games that fruit symbols were introduced to the reels.

And it was a trick. That is, the game remained exactly the same, while these crafty slot machine owners continued to rake in cash, but the police were left scratching their heads as they went around with a law designed to stop simulations of card games like poker being played.

It’s quite clever really.

And fruit symbols still hold a place in the heart of slot players today. They’re familiar and easy to understand, and sometimes they’re beautifully rendered – even animated – in modern slots.

The sort of fruits you’ll most often see are cherries, apples, and watermelons.

For the full lowdown on every aspect of fruit slots, be sure to check out our dedicated fruit slots section.

Penny Slots

If you want to win large amounts of money you’ll probably need to bet large amounts of money. Well, that’s the theory. But it ain’t necessarily so!

Penny slots are probably the most popular type of slot out in real-world casinos. They’re certainly massive in Las Vegas, which despite its reputation as a glamorous hang-out of the super-wealthy is probably built on a huge foundation of ordinary middle-class Americans shovelling tons of nickel coins into hoppers all day.

There’s nothing wrong with that of course. And those players who recognise that they’re unlikely to win life-changing amounts but enjoy the games or the social side of the gambling experience will probably have a great – and healthy – time.

The attraction of these vast banks of machines in Vegas is sometimes a networked progressive jackpot. You might also find that on offer on online penny slots.

There’s a relatively small amount of penny slots available online, and they offer a relatively simple gaming experience in most instances.

They can still give you an excellent gambling experience and possibly some really big wins but are likely to offer a relatively low frills experience.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are next up the evolutionary line from penny slots. These games might well have 3 reels like the actual original slots back in the 19th century. Or they might have five reels.

It’s very unlikely that they’ll have any other number though.

Classic slots will likely not have a large number of bonus games, though they might have one – a free spins round is most likely – and they might have a bit of variety in the game play.

People like classic slots because they instantly know their way around them. The layout is usually very simple, the game play too, and they’re often themed in nostalgic ways that recall the ever-diminishing youth of the poor old slot player – like me!

This retro theming might go so far as to make the graphics deliberately unsophisticated or by using simple, beeping soundtracks.

Fruit machines can be filed under the classic slots too, but so can a lot of games that have not a single cherry or melon on their reels.

Video Slots

It seems odd to talk about video slots because really every online slot is an online video slot.

That is they use some sort of moving an image to represent the reels rather than actual mechanical reels. The technology used to do this is today usually HTML5, JavaScript or Flash.

All of these are popular, but there are some safety concerns around Flash, so if you have your browser well set up you might be asked to enable Flash on a particular site. These security concerns are real, so do be cautious about allowing a blanket “yes” for Flash, and make sure you always have fully updated software for all your video slot games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

We’ve mentioned those huge ranks of slots you see in Vegas casinos already. They look quite sinister to me, but I’m afraid of my vacuum cleaner developing consciousness and shaming me for not using it enough, so perhaps ignore me.

There is power in unity though, and casino owners came up with a very clever little piece of work when they invented progressive jackpot slots.

In fact, it’s almost like a form of slot machine communism.

By reducing the pay-out on individual machines by a tiny amount, the casino can divert that money – a sort of tax! – to a prize pool that just builds and builds.

These networked jackpots are then triggered by an extremely unlikely set of events on one of these networked machines.

This sort of jackpot has been behind all the biggest jackpots in slot machine history. Now imagine the potential you have when you take progressive jackpots online and can network machines from thousands of sites with many many millions of potential customers paying their little tax into the pot.

Of course, to work, these progressive slot games need to become popular, and one in particular – Mega Moolah – currently has that mantle, and it is on this machine that two world records – £13.2 million and £16 million – have been broken in the past few years.

There are lots of great progressive jackpot slots, but this machine has taken the crown for now, and because of that it attracts many players and its jackpots grow incredibly quickly – for example, within a couple of months of breaking the world record again, the jackpot is getting on for £8 million again!


Online Slots Strategy: How to Win on Slot Machines?

We’ll make this short and sweet.

There is no online slots strategy that will help you win on slot machines. Anyone who tells you that they have such a strategy is a liar and a scammer and you should get away from them without giving them any money!

Historically, there was an outside chance that a very skilled observer, or someone who broke the law in order to get at the internal workings of a mechanical machine, might work out when a machine was more likely to pay out.

This is no longer possible.

So the best way to play online slots is to play them safely, legally, and sensibly.

Always play at licensed sites with a current UK Gambling Commission licence. Always play at sites you trust and that look legit.

And play safely – for fun, for limited amounts of time, and with genuine limits on what you spend.


Why you should read online slots reviews

Playing safely is one of the great reasons to read online slots reviews. Sites that are genuine scams are few and far between. And they don’t last long because word soon spreads. So a review of a casino site is a great sign that it’s passed a minimum lifespan and can be regarded as legitimate.

When it comes to games, a slot review should give you good information. A good look at the pay-table and a good walk-through of the rules is the last you should expect.

We always say this: forewarned is forearmed, and a player who knows their way around a game is much less likely to make bad decisions.

What is an online slots tournament?

Slots can seem like a lonely obsession. It doesn’t have to be though. It’s possible to make it something like a competitive sport in some ways.

To do this you’ll need to sign up for an online slot tournament at your favourite online casino site.

What will you get when you do?

Usually some sort of semi-free pay. That is, you’ll pay an entrance fee for the event but won’t have to pay per spin.

Tournaments are time-limited and – if we’re honest – they’re a good way for casinos to plug new, or perhaps underperforming machines.

So, don’t let a slot tournament talk you into playing a game you wouldn’t otherwise want to. And always make sure you read the rules and know exactly what to expect – some of these things are very fast-moving.

Enjoy slots tournaments because they’re great fun, and if they’ve got a social side to them then you should really get stuck in because it’s a way to add a new – and healthy – dimension to your slots play.

There is one casino that features battle slot tournaments as one of their main attractions – Videoslots has hourly slot battles across a variety of slot games featuring some quite large payouts and jackpots. It’s pretty much unmissable if you’re a fan of online slot tournaments in any shape or form.

Why play free slots?

This might seem a silly question. But any answer to it will have to admit that – except in very exceptional circumstances – you will not win any money by playing free slots.

And you will not lose any more by playing free slots!

And that’s the kicker for us. The more people think about gambling as a way of not losing money rather than a way of winning money the better and healthier their gambling habits are likely to be.

So play for free!

Do it whenever you can. Do it to get something out of the game. And do it to appreciate the skill of the designers.

But most of all do it to learn a game. Any player who plays a slot game for real money without knowing it properly is a fool.

Free play slots, demo play, whatever they call it, a no-balance game is a game you should play before you risk your real cash.

No Deposit Slots Bonuses

The no deposit sl0ts bonus is almost like the Loch Ness monster. A lot of people would love to believe that it’s out there, but there isn’t a great deal of good evidence that it is.

You don’t really need to be a mathematical genius or an economics professor to realise that a business that gives away its product – which is what playing slots are for a casino – for free, is not going to last very long.

That doesn’t mean that businesses don’t try to appear like they are doing that.

They are not doing that though. Trust us!

You might see a no deposit slots bonus advertised, and if you do, you should absolutely jump on it. However, you should be aware that in signing up you are probably signing away any chance you have to apply for another – maybe better – slots bonus at that site.

And you should be aware that you are going to have a LOT of restrictions put on what you can do with the money you are being “given”. Most likely you will be told that you will have to spend a certain amount of your own money before you can touch any winnings from that no deposit online slots bonus.

There could well be other restrictions. And these days, even handing over your personal details can be regarded as a type of payment.

So enjoy these online slots bonuses, but keep your nose twitching for catches when you see them.

Tips to play real money slots online

We’re back in the land very simple advice here.

There’s no way to guarantee that you can win a real money slot. No tip that will make your money last longer other than “don’t risk your money”, and no way to influence an essentially – and legally guaranteed – random process.

The only way to make your money go further is to bet smaller amounts or to play free slots. And by doing that you are going to reduce your chances of winning the bigger prizes, which might make your money last even longer.

So the best way to play real money slots online is to play carefully, sensibly, and with a very realistic assessment of your cash situation and what you can afford to pay to play.

And again, that’s the biggest take away from us – slot gambling is entertainment, and you have to pay to be entertained!

Why claim casino free spins, slots bonus codes & online slots bonuses

Free stuff is great. You should absolutely grab free stuff whenever you see it. And you should absolutely check very carefully that you’re happy with the conditions under which you are receiving the free stuff before you sign up.

Because nothing is really free.

That doesn’t mean that trading your personal details for casino free spins isn’t a great deal. It probably is.

Certainly, reading a couple of online slots reviews or swapping your email address for online slots bonus codes is almost certainly worth doing. In fact, by doing that you’re not only getting yourself a discount, bargain or freebie, you’re also helping keep an important part of the gambling world’s infrastructure going.

Slots bonuses too should be cashed. Read the small print, read the slot reviews, make your decision and go for it with your eyes open.

This is a good open market, so generous online slots bonuses or casino free spins should be the least you demand from any new casino site.

You want me to play your slots?

Pay for me!

Good luck, and good slotting!

Online Slots FAQ

Slots are the most popular online gambling games in the UK. The figures confirm this, and you don’t need to read too many spreadsheets to notice that every single casino site you see puts its slots bold and proud all over the front page.

There are thousands and thousands of titles available in a huge number of styles, so if you can’t find slots that suit you then you’re not doing it right!

This Q and A will get you started in this exciting area of online casino play and tell you how to play online slots safely and sustainably.

What are online slots?

Slot games are a form of gambling based on cards. The games were first produced as a way to automate poker, with five reels with cards stuck to them. The deal became a spin.

The games you play today online work in a very similar way and with similar basic probabilities governing the outcomes of these games.

Players stake an amount of money on the spin and they are rewarded for unusual sets of symbols.

The games are very simple, but also have depth in their presentation and gameplay.

Are online slots safe to play?

Slots are safe to play if you play them at a licensed online casino site. In the UK you must use a site that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission in order to play slots legally for real money.

This licence should be displayed on the front page of the site and you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you click through to check that it is legitimate.

How do I play online slots for free?

If you’ve never played online slots before then you might want to check out the games without gambling on them.

You can do this by playing games in a number of ways. Once you’ve got an online casino account you will find an option to play on demo mode at many sites.

You can also find demo and review sites – sometimes called, slightly dishonestly, free play casinos – that host games for free. These sites do not have to be regulated in the same way, but should ask you to prove your age.

How do I play online slots for real money?

For players who want to play for real money a few extras are necessary.

Again, check your safety first, and then you can start to think about gambling. Gambling means money so you need an account of some sort to put cash into your account at the casino site.

This could be a bank account, an e-wallet (for example PayPal, Skrill, Neteller), pre-paid card (for example Paysafecard), a phone app (like PaybyPhone or Boku) or a crypto account.

If you want to collect money from your account you’ll need to prove your identity, with documents scanned and sent to the casino site.

How to win real money prizes on online slots?

Slots pay out at random. There is no way to baulk the random number generator, and there is no skill that can get you around this.

You can read the pay table at any game by clicking on the question mark or information button under the main screen of the game. This will tell you how much each combination of symbols will pay and will also tell you the basic rules of the game.

What are the rules of online slots?

Please make sure you understand the rules of any online slot you play. So click on that pay-table button and do some reading.

While it is important to understand each new game you play, it’s also important to remind you that slot games work in a very simple way. Almost all of them can be understood in terms of a couple of controls – a spin button, and a button to set the amount you’re betting.

How do I keep my betting safe on online slots?

Online slots are a form of gambling. Before you start to gamble we would love you to do some reading on safer gambling.

There are lots of great tricks out there to help you stay safe when you play any online gambling game. Good quality casino sites will give you not just good advice, but a number of tools that you can use to help keep you safe – some of them that they are legally required to provide.

Learn how to set a limit on your spending and the time you spend at a site. Learn how to exclude yourself from a site if you feel you’re spending too much, and learn how to exclude yourself from a range of sites if you need to.

Best of all, learn how to spot problem behaviours and how to reach out for help. That’s the best thing you can do before you play a single online slot.

What are classic online slots and video slots?

Slots come in every shape, size, and colour these days and are divided into broad categories, the two most popular of which are classic slots and video slots.

Classic slots take their gameplay and aesthetic cues from old-style games. They are likely to have fewer reels, sometimes as few as three, and their symbols usually come from a set of established icons like fruits, 7s, bells and bars.

Video slots can broadly be described as “everything else” and generally have sophisticated gameplay and imagery.

How do I find the best online slots sites?

Slots are made by hundreds of companies, with a few giants dominating the industry and lots of smaller players looking for space – and often being swallowed up by bigger companies.

The biggest slot companies, like SG, NetEnt and Microgaming, now own lots of smaller design studios that produce titles for them.

A good online slots site will have a range of games from a range of producers and will allow you to search or list games by the developer so you can follow your favourites.