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Online Slots

Those who say UK players are keen gamblers will always be pretty spot on. In Britain, there is a very tangible gambling culture which is felt in all of the three countries on the island. It is no far stretch to suggest that a massive part of the country enjoys a flutter every now and again. These days, the majority of bets and games are played online and the online slots are one of the favourites.

The rise of the internet has given way to a number of sites and online casinos which have kept players more than happy for a good few years now. The choice for players is growing even more by the day, with a new casino seemingly finding its feet online pretty much every day.

UK players have had a love affair with online slot games for some time. It is only natural that this should continue.

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The most popular game in the world right now to play online is slots, right? Well, they are also the most popular games in the UK by some distance. A large number of online casinos dedicate themselves these days to slots. This popular game is considered as the biggest earner for online sites and casinos. From classic 3-reel slots to 5-reel, video slots, progressives, and jackpots, slot machine players never run out of games to play online.

Part of the reason why these games are so big is that UK players cannot get enough slots. Not just any old slot, as you can imagine. Well, there are many reasons to believe that Brits have their own particular tastes. Not all slot machines are made the same, that is for sure. You can see the numerous differences and distinctions which make for a variety of different types of slots, giving everyone the chance to find their own forte.

How do Slots Differ?

You would be surprised. There are a large number of slots, with different features, bonuses, pay lines and more. In terms of the more distinctive qualities, these are usually tangible from the first spin. For example, the slot design, theme, and way of playing (spinning reels or cascade wins) will all stand out.

There are a number of slots developers that also have their own discernible features, which we will cover below:

3-Reel Slots

The original slot machines. The three reel fruit machines are still very popular to this day, especially in pubs in Britain. UK players have a fascination with this type of slot which is still felt even to this day. There is a massive chance that any online casino you play at will have some form of 3 reel slots in their catalogue of games. Paylines are typically 1-3, with bonuses (if any) generally triggered with 3 special symbols.

5-Reel Slots

The majority of slots you will play today will be based on a 5-reel format. With the addition of two additional reels, pay lines can range from a modest 9 to over 1,000. Bonuses and features are almost a guarantee on 5-reel slots. They are ubiquitous in the majority of online casinos today, guaranteeing that you will have played on one at some point if you have ever played slots online.

6-Reel Slots

6-reel slots are becoming a more common feature in online casinos. While not as popular as the 5-reel variety, there is no doubt that 6-reel slots are gaining traction, and are favoured by a number of game developers out there.

7-Reel Slots

7-reel slots give players more combinations and a greater chance, therefore, for big wins. 7-reel slots can be found in a number of online casinos around the world, although they are far from the popularity currently enjoyed by their 5-reel and 3-reel cousins.

Video Slots

Having made their first appearance in casino lobbies in the 1980s, it was not until the 1990’s before video slots really came into their own. Once the internet revolution gathered pace – with more and more online casinos supporting slots – this type of game grew massively in popularity, capturing the imagination of a number of different players from all walks of life.

Video slots with modern 3D graphics and quirky bonus features continue to be the favourite of many Brits. As you may know from your own experiences, the modern day video slots also tend to feature a number of video clips from popular movies, TV shows, and franchises, which can really enhance them when it comes to their playability factor.

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines, as previously mentioned, pack the pubs of Britain and have done so for a long, long time. Players in England, Scotland, or Wales will know just how important these are to British culture as a whole. Massive! There is no doubt that anyone who has frequented a pub a few times in their lives will have seen at least one of these machines. Notable by their flashing lights and sharp sounds, fruit machines have been around for a long time in old Blighty.

Online casino software developers have produced a number of 3-reel, low pay lines with Hold and Nudge features in order to capitalize on this success. If you are holding a beer in your hand and want that authentic UK pub experience, you can almost always find one of these slots within the confines of any major online casino operator.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Linked to other slots across a network,  there are a number of slots which are sold to players on the possibility that playing one – and winning – could provide that individual with a life-changing amount of cash. Brits with designs on living the high life will almost always head over to the jackpot slots for their kicks.

Jackpot slots are, for that reason and that reason alone, a massive feature among slots aficionados everywhere. The chance to win serious cash with one lucky spin is what keeps committed players returning to a number of these games consistently. There is no doubt that software providers would love nothing more than to be associated with such opulence, so expect more jackpot slots to emerge over the coming years.

3D Slots

3D slots look destined to be the standard bearer for all online slots of the future. 3D slots provide an engaging experience by way of some incredibly expressive animation and video footage, straight from the brains of the top software developers in the world. With such attention to this craft, the big names you will see advertised prior to the loading of these games are usually few and far between/

Online Slots Features & Bonuses

The majority of online slots will have features and bonuses which will differ depending on the game you are playing. For example, many of the classic slots will carry free spins rounds, while the newer, 3D games will have a myriad of free spins, bonuses and other games available to be played, depending on what you land in the main game. For example, you could win from a number of predetermined bonus games where there might only be one with a classic slot.

The features many of the modern games tend to have are also varied, given the additional capabilities which software developers can afford these days. With better design comes the opportunity to turn the game itself into something of a story, or, at very least, to provide a number of ways you can play through so it feels progressive in itself.

Features and bonuses can generally be checked prior to playing the game itself. Even better, there are many online casinos and games providers that allow players to punt with free money. This means Brits can effectively sample these games without having to pay for the privilege.

The Slot Developers

There are a small number of elite software developers which pretty much have the market share when it comes to providing software to the online casino community. Microgaming, NetEnt, Play n’Go and more tend to dominate in their fields, with another few chasing the top tier of developers and doing a lot to convince.

Microgaming, for example, is a software developer which many UK players will surely know. The Isle of Man-based company has been around a long time. In fact, they claim to have initialized the very first online casino ever! All the way back in 1994, the software giants – widely regarded as the best in the online casino software sphere – really took off. Nowadays, their exceptional products and games feature in the very best land-based and online casinos around the world.

A typical online casino which is powered by Microgaming is usually packed full of quality software. Games such as high-class slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, live dealer games and many more are available to play instantly or via their downloadable software. These pioneers of online casino software come with a distinct swagger, given their status as one of the true revolutionaries of digital gambling and gaming.

It is unthinkable to imagine the online casino industry without Microgaming. For British players, this company’s respectability cannot be denied. The outfit is also responsible for introducing mega jackpots to online casinos, among other innovative features which see them loved by players across the globe.

Should I Play Slots?

There is no doubt that Brits love slots for one big reason: they are a lot of fun to play. This is usually enough to convince many players that slots are the go-to game for those who like to have a little bit of harmless enjoyment while potentially putting themselves into a position to make a few additional quid. When people ask me why I play slots, I usually respond that they are the best way to have fun inside the confines of a casino, be it land-based or online.

Another reason why I tend to play slots is that – nowadays at least – they tend to have more variety to them than other games. I was never the guy who could sit and play blackjack for five hours on end, and I do enjoy playing blackjack. Spinning incessantly on roulette also grows tiresome after a while. With slots, a high number of them are different from one another, making each individual slots game a new experience. In this case, they will always be my favourite games to play.

In Conclusion

So, it might have started with the fruit machines, and carried right through to the modern age with the more developed titles and 3D graphics, but online slots continue to be the number one go-to for a great number of UK players. The fun to be had is rivalled by very few other games if any. Even with the development of the newer titles which tend to focus on spectacular graphics and features galore, punters will still play the games which were available to them back in the mid-late 2000’s, which goes to show how popular they can be.

No other games in a casino can match slots for variety. There are some absolute geniuses currently putting their heads together to produce even more groundbreaking titles, which are rich in jaw-dropping graphics and intriguing storylines. These software developers are at the absolute forefront of gaming, which is evident by the evolution slots enjoy on a consistent basis, which really trumps other games commonly found under any casino’s banner.

Fun is the name of the game when it comes to spinning those reels. Slots players tend to have greater control over their enjoyment of games than other players who prefer traditional casino games do, and this is down to that variety. While one player may prefer a classic, 3-reel game, another will favour a jackpot slot, rich in colour, sounds and awesome graphics.

Slots are also the main focus of many online casinos’ business. As such, online slots play a huge part in the online casino industry, so will naturally be an integral part of any further evolution which the casino business enjoys as a result. Brits will have even more slots to choose from further down the line, and that is pretty exciting when you think about it, really. More choice makes for more fun, after all!