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We love new slots as much as you do! We track all the latest new online slots and new casino game releases and feature the best new slots here, giving them a quick spin to make sure they’re up to the standard of course. With new slots and games released every day, it’s not easy keeping on top of them but you can be sure we’ll save you the trouble of finding the best new slots 2023 and games. All new slots and games are given a play and short review below so you’ll know right away if a new slot or new casino game is to your tastes or not!

New Slot Reviews and Game Releases 2023

Top new slots and games for today:

  • Treat Yo Elf Slot by Indigo Magic
    December 3rd, 2023: Christmas comes to life in the Treat Yo Elf slot by Indigo Magic. In this festive 5×3 slot machine, you’ll meet Santa Claus and two of his helpers as they prepare gifts and explore the world. Available in 5 or 10 paylines, this game transports you to the land of the elves … Read more
  • Legacy of Dynasties Slot by Play’n GO
    November 28th, 2023: Explore the ancient riches of the Chinese dynasties with Play’n GO’s Legacy of Dynasties. In this 5-reel and 3-row setup game, you’ll enter a humble antique shop and search for rare relics that will unravel the mysteries- and potential treasures- of the past. This Play’n GO’s latest creation invites you to step … Read more
  • Candy Paradise Slot by Just for Win
    November 20th, 2023: Just For the Win’s Candy Paradise is a candy-themed slot set in a 5×4 playing grid with 30 active paylines. The game’s theme and choice of symbols are familiar, and we have seen these in other colourful slot machines and even in the famous Candy Crush saga. But we’re not complaining; visuals-wise, … Read more
  • Vikings Forge Slot by Pragmatic Play
    November 17th, 2023: Pragmatic Play’s Vikings Forge is a 6-reel, 5-row Viking-themed slot game using a Tumble Feature mechanic. Vikings Forge lets you explore a mythical land where the famed explorers roam for adventure and potential treasures. There’s a pay-anywhere mechanic, which gives you more chances of collecting potential payouts from the Viking Warrior, Hammer, … Read more
  • Thor’s Egg Hunt Slot by G.Games
    November 16th, 2023: The Vikings seem tired of fighting and exploring new lands on the reels. In Thor’s Egg Hunt slot by G.Games, they’re looking for fun under the sun in search of eggs! Welcome to a brand-new slot from G.Games, where you meet the Vikings on the screen while hunting for eggs and potential … Read more
  • Sherwood Gold Slot by Play’n GO
    November 15th, 2023: Join the legendary Robin Hood and his friends as they fight against the wicked Sheriff in the forest of Sherwood. Play’n GO’s Sherwood Gold slot takes you back to the medieval ages, and the action happens on a 5×3 grid, complete with colourful characters that include Friar Tuck, Little John, Maid Marian, … Read more
  • Treasures of the Count Slot by Wizard Games
    November 5th, 2023: Meet the immortal Count as he shows off his treasures in the Wizard Games’ Treasures of the Count slot. This thrilling Halloween-themed game is set against the haunting background of Count Bailey’s graveyard. The game plays out in a 5-reel, 4-row playing grid with 40 paylines. It features Cash symbols that contribute … Read more
  • Halloween Wins Slot by Red Rake Gaming
    November 5th, 2023: Get ready for an electrifying slot experience and rewards with the Halloween Wins slot by Red Rake Gaming. A nod to Dracula and Frankenstein, this slot machine comes with a scary premise but with some fun and colourful visuals to keep the spins for prizes more entertaining. Dracula’s mansion is the backdrop … Read more
  • Spooky Carnival Slot by Red Tiger Gaming
    October 30th, 2023: There’s something spooky but potentially lucrative when you open and play the Spooky Carnival slot by Red Tiger Gaming. Like most Red Tiger slot machines, this 5×3 and 10-pay line game also boasts an impressive theme and visuals perfect for players looking for thrills. The studio uses an old and scary carnival … Read more
  • Full Moon Fever Slot by Blueprint Gaming
    October 28th, 2023: Discover the moon’s mysteries with Blueprint Gaming’s Full Moon Fever slot. This 6×4 and 4,096 ways to win slot from Blueprint Gaming explores the myth and stories about the full moon’s power and how it transforms some individuals into werewolves. Although the premise is spooky and chilling, the studio still manages to … Read more

Brand New Online Slots 2022

If you’re looking for new online slots in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you have very little choice because wherever you go in the online casino world you will find new stuff going on.

Has any industry ever been so addicted to novelty as the online casino industry?

Perhaps the crazy tulip industry of the 17th century, but we doubt it!

All industries are like this to some extent of course. There are always improvements to be made to any product, otherwise, capitalism would break down and we could all get on with enjoying life – and we wouldn’t want that now, would we? Well, would we?

Slots keep coming! The boom in the industry that started with the advent of always-on, high-speed broadband internet shows no sign of slowing down let alone stopping. And while the regulatory world has caught up with the online slots world a little – and, in doing so, applied a bit of a (much needed) break to the helter-skelter pace of new sites.

Here we’ll take a look at the world of new slots and why it’s a great idea to keep ahead of the game with new slot guides and reviews to help you exploit this exciting opportunity to play the best new games and to win big!

The Online Slot – a history of innovation

What do you see when you log on to your favourite online casino site? Hell, you don’t even have to log on, just land on a page as a visitor and – along with a huge welcome bonus – you’ll see new games being trailed at you loud and proud.

The fundamentals of the slot are fairly well established, but there’s always room for something better, and you can be sure that in design offices and tech labs around the world, designers and mathematicians and programmers are all going nuts looking for the next breakthrough that will make their title a runaway success.

And it’s always been like this!

The first slots – in the real world – were designed as a way to get around gambling restrictions. They mimicked the relatively simple mechanics of favoured gambling card games.

And if you think about it, that’s what slots still do – they “deal” a random “hand” of symbols, and reward you for matches.

Pretty soon, the law caught up with the first slots and said, “you can’t fool us, that’s just a card game hidden in a machine.” So, the slot makers change the symbols to fruits and bells. The fruit machine was born and the slot world innovated its way into existence.

More recently, innovation has been all about tech.

Reel after Reel after Reel – New Games, New Opportunities

The main innovation and the most visible has been the addition of extra reels. For decades the standard slot set up was three reels with three rows of symbols.

(As tech moves on this style is becoming fashionable again as the smaller screens of mobile users are ideally suited to this layout.)

But as games migrated online reels started to add up. The standard online set up is now a five-reel machine with three rows of symbols.

That’s not the end of the story though, because all sorts of unconventional set-ups are now available to designers and they’re not shy of using them.

The reels can come in non-standard formats, and the way symbols are delivered to players is also being revolutionised.

No longer do “reels” seem to spin as they did in mechanical machines. I mean, why keep that when there are no actual mechanics? So symbols can tumble in, or explode in, or anything the designer likes.

New Online Slots: Everything Looks and Sounds Amazing!

If the delivery of symbols has changed then the look of the symbols themselves has changed beyond all recognition.

When we were growing up playing off-line fruit machines in pubs and clubs, the idea of animated introduction screens and moving symbols was the dream of a madman!

Not so any more. All the tricks of the game designer can be used in graphics for slot machines. There’s no limit on what your game can do visually, in terms of static symbol design and animation both on the reels and in bonus games.

The games these days can sound brilliant too.

Even better you can turn the sound off!

Games these days are much more customisable than they ever were, and – for us – the best sound is a near silent game!

The Wild Wild World or Wilds

The look of a game has changed beyond all recognition – only to come back full circle to the retro slots of today – but some aspects of gameplay have been changed.

Back in the olden days, the most common features on a fruit machine were nudge features that shifted the reels down a step or two.

Hold features allowed players to hold a symbol in place while the rest of the reels span, hoping to hold a high-value win in play.

These days the extra features demand fewer choices of players and are typically triggered at random on the reels.

Wilds are symbols that stand in for others – usually with the exception of scatter symbols and other bonus symbols – on the reels in order to create the best possible win for the players.

With computer graphics, these can be a lot more than static symbols. Expanding wilds grow across the screen or up reels to make large parts of the screen wild and working on your behalf. They can also move across the screen in proceeding spins. They can “infect” neighbouring symbols.

In fact, as with every aspect of the modern slot, what they can do is essentially limitless, and something that will become even more exciting with new online slots as they are introduced to the market.

I Love Bonus Games

While these superficial changes have been great news for players – who, after all, doesn’t want to look at a pretty game – the actual game itself has changed relatively little.

It might be a few decades since we started playing games off-line. And, we might be wowed by the graphics, effects, animations, and sounds, but a player from our era is not going to have much difficulty understanding the base game of any online slot released in 2019.

The machine whirrs after you press a button and delivers a random result, with some sets of symbols being rewarded.

Super simple.

It’s in the bonus games that things have gotten more complicated.

That’s why players love new games, and it’s also why it’s a great idea to keep up with review sites and news, so you know what you’re doing when you do hit the big bonus game that could deliver the top prize that will change your life!

Bonus games generally fit into a simple set of templates though:

Free Spins on New Online Slots

The most popular bonus game in our experience is free spins.

Typically they’re still awarded when scatter symbols appear – that’s symbols that still score without being adjacent to each other – on the reels, often in multiples of five or 10, and usually with extra spins being added for each extra scatter.

They might come with a whole load of extras including extra wild symbols – like a Wild in cards, that stands in for other symbols to create the best possible winning combinations. Wilds that behave in different ways, by expanding, moving across the reels, or “infecting” neighbouring symbols.

Free spins might also include multipliers on your wins. They can also retrigger, meaning you could potentially end up playing hundreds of spins without putting a penny of your own money up.

Gamble Games on New Online Slots

Another popular bonus game is the gamble.

Basically, it works like this: you win a prize, then the game offers you that offer we all find so hard to refuse – “double or quits?”

These games used to be games of hand-eye coordination on old fashioned fruit machines, with the reward depending on your ability to stop a flashing light or climbing column of lights at the right time.

These are sometimes offered in new online slots, but more common are simple games of choice where you guess on a coin toss or card turn.

A simple game, but ruthlessly effective!

Cash Ladders and Roads

These sorts of games can be expanded into bonus games in their own right, by offering a series of choices to create a cash ladder – or road, or set of lily pads, or you name it.

Basically, it’s a series of choices that offer a chance to climb up an ascending ladder of prizes, often with a jackpot at the top.

Prize Pick Games

The flip-a-coin or turn-a-card options of those cash ladders can be made more complicated and work as prize picking bonus games.

These offer you a screen full of options – nine seems to be a popular number – and allows you to make a set number of picks to pick up prizes.

These games are super simple but can be the key to winning the biggest game prizes in a game.

They are worth understanding.

You are never an expert in a new slot

All of this gameplay innovation is fantastic news for players. It offers a depth of experience that goes well beyond what has ever been available before.

It also means games are that much more complicated.

We’re not joking when we advise our readers to always read the instructions before they play a game. Either at the site itself, or at good quality online review sites like ours – we’re good quality, right? Be kind! – you need to know the basics of a game before you play it. Bonus games really can be triggered entirely at random from a standard spin, and you need to know what to do.

Another option is to try out games in demo mode or at sites that offer free play. It’s a no-risk strategy that we recommend whenever it is possible.

But help is at hand!

However, another welcome addition to the online slots world is good quality help advice. Back when we were resting our pints of cheap lager on top of pub fruit machines, the only advice you might find would be a poster that someone might well have scribbled “Dave loves willies” all over, and a bloke called Dave – odd coincidence! – who would wonder over and mysteriously mutter, “always hold lemons” before watching you lose all your cash and hitting the jackpot on his first spin after you walk away.

Your options these days are much better. But an option is no use if you don’t use it!

So while you’re reading up on a game before you play it, make sure you know how to find help if you need it!

Every game will have a pay-table that you can access with a single click, usually from the base game. And there should also be a comprehensive help guide that explains everything about the game.

Those will tell you what you need to know. However, they’re not always brilliantly written and that’s where sites like ours help you to get the most out of new online slots.

Should you need help that goes beyond that you also need to know how to find help on the site you’re using. Usually, they’ll be an online chat option, maybe a phone number, and always a contact email. It’s a good idea to have contact details written down where you can access them even if your computer crashes. And don’t be shy of taking screenshots of things if you need detailed explanations.

Caution is good, but enjoy new online slots!

We always advise our players to be cautious.

We don’t do this likely. You should follow safe gambling procedures. You should only play at licensed, legal and legitimate sites. And you should know a game before you play it and how to get help at the site you’re using.

But keep all this caution in perspective.

Most sites – all the ones we recommend – are legitimate and safe to use, and most games will give you a great, fun experience that might see you winning a bit of money.

Do your homework and use some common sense and you’ll love new online slots as much as we do.

Rachel Pine

Slots Expert

Rachel Pine is our slots expert who has worked in the online gambling industry for 10+ years. Over the course of her career, Rachel has reviewed more than 3,000 slots.