Best Online Keno Guide


Best Online Keno Guide


What is Keno?

Keno is one of our favourite casino games thanks to its simple yet exciting gameplay and of course the chance of winning absolutely insane jackpots. Basically, in Keno you choose up to ten numbers out of a selection of forty, then wait while the house randomly selects another ten numbers from the forty. You win prizes depending on how many of the house numbers match yours, known as ‘hits’ or ‘catches’.

So essentially Keno is a little bit like bingo and a little bit like a lottery, except that the action is much quicker.

Keno is very popular in American casinos but it’s also proved to be a surprising hit online among players who enjoy the excitement of a lottery draw but don’t want to wait until the day of the draw.

What good online Keno casinos should offer

What you want from an online game of Keno is high payouts, fast action and great graphics and sound. You’ll also benefit from having a selection of different keno games so that if you prefer fast keno to slow keno that builds up the tension gradually, that option is available. It’s also good if there are slightly different versions available such as the 20 / 80 ball version which is popular in many offline casinos. Some casinos offer things like keno with bonus games where you can draw specially selected numbers or jokers to win extra prizes – the best keno casinos provide tantilising side games like this.


Top 3 Online Keno Casinos


The top three Keno casinos feature the best keno versions that you can find online. Each casino has freeplay so you can give each game a whirl with play money before laying down any real cash.  They aren’t just hot on Keno though, in order to feature as one of our ‘top 3’s these casinos have proved themselves to be reliable, secure and friendly with first class banking facilities and big bonuses to boot.


Number One Keno Site Drake Casino

Drake Casino have more Keno games than any other online casino, four in total.  It’s rare to see this many variants of keno as there are a lot of other way more popular casino games.  If you’re looking for a variety of keno options then there is really nowhere else to look but Drake Casino.  They offer both the forty ball and eighty ball versions of keno and a very fast keno version ‘traditional keno’ that draws all the balls in a matter of seconds.

Drake have the added bonus of welcoming players from the USA where Keno originated and where it remains very popular.  Having been around for many years now and being strong on regular bonuses and friendly support we are more than happy to recommend Drake as the number one keno casino online.

 #1 Keno Casino

 four different keno games

 40 and 80 ball  versions

 very fast speed keno

 Krazy & Klub Keno

 USA players welcome best usa craps

 $5000 welcome package


Number Two Best Craps Casino 888 Casino

There are two keno games available at 888. One is a more traditional and quick speed version but it’s the quality of their other keno offering that puts 888 at number two on our recommended keno list.   This keno version features exquisite 3D graphics and an animated model who chaperones you through the game.   It’s wonderful to see this much effort going into a simple game like Keno – so many other casinos just have the standard Microgaming version that is about as fun as playing on a calculator!  You simply will not find a more fun packed Keno game online.

 #2 Keno Casino

  beautiful graphics

  two keno versions

  sexy chaperone

  funny commentary

  high betting limits

  £1500 welcome package


Number Three Keno CasinoWilliam Hill

William Hill make the top three because, like Drake and 888, they do not make do with a simple, generic keno game but try to add something extra. There are two keno versions here but the one that stands out is called Keno eXperiment. The theme is like something from a science fiction film, a space-age sound track accompanies sumptuous graphics and special effects when the balls are drawn. This kind of twist is what we like to see in a Keno game.

 #3 Keno casino

 two keno versions

 keno Xperiment

 best keno graphics

 best keno sound

 top UK casino brand

 100% deposit bonus


Other good Keno casinos


Also worthy of a mention is the single Keno offering from Casumo Casino. This is a nice, smooth game of keno that stands out from many of the other casino keno efforts by having a bonus side game and a progressive jackpot. Keno jackpots are huge anyway but to have the addition of a progressive prize pool makes this an excellent venue.

keno casumo