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Online Bingo

For a large number of enthusiasts in the UK, there is no game quite like bingo. Once labelled as a game played by snoopy old women with a penchant for chit-chat, the online bingo game is now considered one which is almost fashionable for those in their 20’s and 30’s. If you would have predicted that 20 years ago, you would have probably been laughed at.

Nevertheless, it is a game which has mass appeal. All you need to do is to match the numbers on your bingo card with balls which are drawn by a caller. Online, of course, this is done slightly differently, as random number generators determine which numbers come out.

Once the balls have been drawn – and if you complete the required pattern – you win a prize which may end that game. Patterns are typically different within a few hundred games or more. It is essentially a random game of chance. This can be appealing to players who enjoy testing their luck.

Top 3 Online Bingo Sites

The top three online bingo sites excel in every department and have been around long enough to have established a great reputation and loyal community. With the attention to detail and focus on the full bingo experience the games here feel like you’re at a friend’s bingo themed hen night rather than being sat at a computer. These award-winning bingo sites should be your first and last stop when it comes to finding the perfect online bingo hall.

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How to Play Online Bingo

It is very simple. You can ask anyone who knows the game – and will have played the game – and they will attest to this. The rules are undoubtedly simple, so you will never have to read book after book mastering the arts. When compared with other games, the element of luck is undebatable. The game is essentially based on absolute chance, which means that even snake-oil salesmen don’t bother trying to sell their “strategies” and “systems” to gullible players.

The simplicity is probably ten-fold when playing online. The online bingo game is played pretty much automatically, making the manual task of buying books, crossing off numbers, shouting out a thing of the past. Depending on your preferences, you can always choose to tick off your numbers online on certain games. If this is your thing, you should be pretty much looked after.

While chance governs the game, there is no doubt that adding a few tricks of the trade to your way of doing things will help you in your efforts to win prizes. You should always know what to expect when playing online bingo and have a basic understanding of how things work. Yes, it is an easy game, but there should always be extra precautions taken when there is money involved.

First Things First

If you want to play bingo online, you must first find somewhere to play. This will be a bingo site or casino, where you can register an account to play at. Regardless of where you choose to play at – like a specific bingo site or a general casino – make sure that the type or types of Bingo games you want to play are covered by this particular site. Do your research before you commit to playing, as this will invariably help you in the long run.

You will need to know how much you can afford to play, so should also set a bankroll for yourself. Playing bingo is simple and should not require much effort. Even still, you will need to know how to operate a computer or device and how to find your way around a casino or bingo site.

Once you found the casino, registered and chosen your deposit method, you can then fund your account. The next step is then to choose what game you want to play and buy your tickets. There are various games you can play, and we will take a look at these below. Make yourself a list and follow it so you are prepared to play and hopefully win some cold hard cash.

Your Bingo Strategy for Playing

One of the best recommendations out there is to play low-stakes games. This will allow you to get the hang of how online bingo works. It will also help you get used to the site and provide some experience which you should then be able to bring into higher stake games. You may find yourself playing for larger amounts of money soon after. You can easily do all of this by playing low stakes.

Once you have done this, crack on and buy your cards and tickets. Fingers crossed your numbers are drawn out in a pattern which is required to win. As mentioned above, in bingo, the winning requirements are made clear to players prior to the game. This gives you something to aim for.

Playing bingo online is very easy. You can opt to either choose the cards yourself or go with the random allocation, which is pretty straightforward. You can pretty much allow the system to pick these for you as easily as possible.

Many players wonder if the chances of winning can be increased or decreased if your own cards are chosen. This is a common question, but the answer is pretty simple. Nothing changes – in terms of the chances of you winning – if you have your cards picked at random rather than choosing them for yourself. The great news is that you can opt to do both.

Various types of Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

he most popular version of bingo has 90 balls which are drawn, and Bingo cards in this game have 3 lines and 9 horizontal columns. There are 15 numbers on each card. The first column has numbers 1 to 9, in the second, numbers 10 to 19, so on and so forth.

In summary, 90 Ball Bingo is comprised of:

  • Balls – 90
  • Columns – 9
  • Lines on Each Card – 3
  • Balls to Hit – 15

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo may not be as popular as 90 ball bingo, but it is still one of the favourites. Given that it is more difficult to find on some bingo sites online, it is a nice surprise to find it. there are reasons to consider playing it if you can find it. This is a quicker game as there are less balls involved.

The cards are also structured slightly differently. They have 4 columns and 4 lines, which makes up 16 numbers in total per card. There are slight differences between 80 and 90 ball Bingo, but you can easily get the hang of it, like any type of bingo. You can also look up the rules and differences before you play, which can help majorly.

In summary, 80 Ball Bingo is comprised of:

  • Balls – 80
  • Columns – 4
  • Rows on Each Card – 4
  • Balls to Hit – 16

75 Ball Bingo

Players in the USA and Canada tend to prefer playing 75 ball bingo. It has recently started to become popular among the UK and European players too. While there are fewer balls, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is less fun. 75 ball Bingo has 5 columns and 5 rows, so you can easily distinguish it from the preceding two games.

Each of the columns is arranged under the name BINGO, so the first set is laid under the B, the 2nd under an I, the 3rd under a G, until you reach the last letter at the end. 75 ball Bingo requires all participants to complete a pattern which corresponds to a particular letter, number or just complete a line.

Is this game more difficult to play? Not really. If you are used to playing other types of Bingo, it may be a novelty to play 75 ball bingo. It can be argued that this is more to do with the look of the cards and how it appears when you are halfway through a game. It is not difficult by any means and can actually be more fun to participate in, which is an incentive in itself.

In summary, 75 Ball Bingo is comprised of:

  • Balls – 75
  • Columns – 5
  • Rows on Each Card – 5
  • Balls to Hit – Rules may vary from game to game
  • Popular in the USA and Canada

30 Ball Bingo

Speed is the underlying appeal of 30 ball bingo. The faster versions of bingo are very popular with those who like quick and ready action. There is a chance that you have probably heard of 30 ball Bingo for this reason.

Also known by other names such as Speed Bingo, and Rapid Fire, 30 ball bingo takes less time to play and is pretty hard to keep up with for many players who play the traditional versions of the game. Conversely, bingo novices tend to find the fast and direct action appealing. It is truly simple and no-nonsense, can be lots of fun.

Those who play bingo games on the go tend to like speed bingo as it doesn’t require a player to provide much in terms of input. It is convenient for these reasons. Playing is made easy, with a card that features 3 columns and 3 numbers, where players shoot to land 9 numbers.

30 ball Bingo is among the fastest games you can play online. It’s hyper pace and all-round appeal makes it one of the most popular games out there. 30 ball bingo is also one of the more modern versions of bingo, which means that it may take a little time before it catches on with old Ethel and Edna.

In summary, 30 Ball Bingo is comprised of:

  • Balls – 30
  • Columns – 3
  • Rows on Each Card – 3
  • Balls to Hit – 9

The History of Bingo

Much has been discussed about the origins of bingo, with most of it being done inside various bingo halls around the world. Despite the various, wild theories out there, there is one which seems pretty widely accepted.

Bingo’s origins can be traced to an old game played in Italy called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” in the 16th century. That game, you may be surprised to learn, is still going to this day. From there – in the 18th century – France jumped on the idea with “Le Lotto”, and this added to the allure of the ball games.

From the UK to America and many other countries around the world, bingo started to spread like wildfire. The simple and fun origins never changed, however, which made it even more appealing.

Bingo took on the name “Beano” in the U.S. and started to appear in churches, casinos, and even nursing homes. everyone wanted to play the game. The next massive leap in the game came in the turn of the 21st century when the internet saw bingo became huge online.

Tons of online casinos and sites popped up by the tens and eventually the hundreds. With the revolution came a means for players to get their bingo kicks online while chatting with other players from all around the world at the same time.


It is such a much-loved game these days, is Bingo. Having beaten off the old label as being a way for old ladies to get their gambling kicks, bingo is now the popular choice for many players who frequent sites and online casinos around the world. It is very difficult to imagine any comprehensive betting outlet not having some form of bingo game to offer players, such is the massive nature of bingo.

You cannot find an easier game out there to play. Players don’t need to know complex rules or do anything other than buying their cards. While this is up to a player’s preference, the number of cards chosen does increase your chances of winning. It also increases the amount of money that you will spend. This means that the importance of setting a bankroll for one’s self is always a way to track how much you spend.

When it comes to getting down to the game, the site you choose is important. The platform to play on will always make or break for the experience and fun you have while playing bingo. With the gigantic number of sites and casinos out there, choosing the right one may seem to be something which comes with its own headaches. This does not have to be the case at all.

Regardless if you are the type of player who likes to chat while playing, or couldn’t think of anything worse, you will find a plethora of sites out there willing to accommodate. The only thing you need to do is find the one which is right for you and play as many games as you want to. Once you have found the right place and way to play, the rest should take care of itself.