How To Beat The House Edge


Beat Online Casinos House Edge

Beating the casinos is all part of the fun of casino gambling, but doing it using methods that involve more than just luck is a perilous undertaking. In days gone by using dodgy techniques such as rigging the roulette wheel with discretely positioned magnets, bribing the dealers, or manipulating the blackjack cards could have been enough to get your legs broken, or worse.

Today the penalties aren’t so severe unless you’re playing private games for very high stakes against criminal masterminds. In a worst-case scenario you’ll probably end up with a fine or a light prison sentence, but more than likely you’ll simply be banned from the casino.

While techniques such as card counting and edge-sorting represent the cutting edge in the arsenal of modern brick and mortar casino cheats, there has also been a relatively short history of online casino cheats that have used ingenious methods to wrestle back the house edge from the casinos.

History of Bonus Hunting

Bonus hunting, also known as bonus whoring, was all the rage in the early days of online casinos. There was so much money being made that the casinos barely even bothered to combat it.

The basic method, pioneered by sites such as Online Blackjack Guide, was to sign up to a casino and double your money by claiming the deposit bonus. You would then use a game with a very low house edge, usually blackjack, to play through the wagering requirements. You would play through in such a way – using small bets of the same size to minimise variance, and using basic blackjack strategy (which tells you the ideal way to play each possible blackjack hand), that you would be guaranteed to still be in profit by the time you had reached the minimum wagering requirements. For example, you deposit £100 and get a 100% £100 bonus, you now have £200. After playing using the bonus whoring method you might have, say £150 left, but now you can cash it out meaning you have made £50 and you can move on to your next casino.

Hit The Casinos And Run

Bonus whores never had any intention of playing again at the casino, at least not under that profile, they would simply play at the next new casino that was certain to pop up in the online casino gold rush of the late nineties and early ’00s. Those who did use more underhanded methods to play with many different profiles raked in tens of thousands of pounds, some of them even going on to start online casinos of their own, and it was this movement of canny scammers progressing from casino scalpers to casino operators that eventually spelt the end for the golden age of casino bonus whores.

The casinos were now fully aware of every bonus hunting technique and the online groups that had formed to target casinos with easy wagering requirements. It is now impossible to gain a guaranteed edge by playing in a particular way using your free bonus money – this is why some of the terms and conditions for using bonus money look so harsh and complex to new casino players. ‘Why does blackjack only count for 10% of my wagering requirements?’ a new player might ask, well, he has the bonus whores to thank for that!

Any Way To Beat The Casino Today?

The only bonus whores left today are those poor souls who move from casino to casino claiming the free no deposit spins, but there are enough terms and conditions in place to prevent this being profitable for any but the most die-hard bonus abusers – for example, there are often caps on how much you can win with free spins, meaning if you hit the jackpot you will only be able to claim, say £25.

The only way to stand a chance of beating the online casinos today without depending on luck is by playing intelligently and patiently with judicious use of the various promotional offers. You need to be a member of as many top-rated reputable casinos as possible and have the discipline to only play when there is some kind of promotion on. Simply playing with the bonus money is no longer enough, although you need to maximise your use of that as well.

Intelligent Use Of Promotions

Casino promotional offers are tailored to squeeze extra play out of their player base without jeopardising the house edge, so if a casino has a competition giving away £25,000 during the month, you can be sure that they’ve calculated that they will make more than that from players who will play in the promotion but also play on other games outside the parameters of that particular promotion. Even if they have players who are disciplined and only play during the promotions, it will not have an overall effect on their profits. An individual player may be lucky or not so lucky but even by only playing promotions, the bottom line is calculated in such a way that no one player can overcome the house edge in the long term, however lucky they are.

However, consider the perspective of the intelligent, patient player. He is not bound by the profit calculations of any one casino. He can find ten casinos giving away £25,000 or the equivalent in prizes, so if he spreads his play across these casinos he is now playing not merely for £25,000 but for £250,000. No one casino could afford to run a permanent £250k promotion as it would negate the house edge and smart players would take advantage of that. But by spreading his play across multiple casinos that is exactly what the intelligent player is doing, effectively playing a permanent £250k promotion.

These are the seven keys to beating online casinos today: 

  • Only play during promotions with large cash giveaways or other big prizes
  • Avoid leaderboard competitions or ‘reel races’ only play raffle style promotions
  • Where possible play using bonus money, i.e. sign up bonus or reload bonuses
  • Stick to games with a low house edge, table games and slots with 96%+ RTP
  • Use only optimal betting strategies, i.e. basic blackjack strategy and 50/50 roulette bets, no gamble option on slots
  • Sign up with as many different top-rated online casinos as you can to maximise promotional play
  • Play high stakes – one huge win is far better than lots of small wins for meeting wagering requirements


The casinos don’t mind, they can see you only play when there are promotions on but this doesn’t affect them, what they can’t see is that you’re doing the same at every other top casino and this is what gives you the edge.

To make it easier for smart players to win big we feature the best current casino promotions available for the top online casinos on our front page. As long as you check back every day and play in the latest promotions, using only the recommended casinos, then you will have a much better time gambling online than most players.

At the end of the day, there is no guaranteed 100% system to win every time, but by following the guidelines on this page you will swing the edge back towards yourself to a considerable degree, you will win far more than the average player, and by playing every competition going you will inevitably get some very nice, very large cash prizes somewhere down the line which will give your bottom line a healthy boost. Remember the golden rule though, gambling is purely fun, profit is only a bonus!