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When giving out betting tips, sports pundits don’t always get it right. Wins are never a sure thing (unless there’s some cheating involved, and we’re not into match-fixing)

But just because they don’t get it right every time, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have higher odds of getting it right than we (i.e., ordinary punters making chance bets) do. 

Many people are unaware that Reddit can be a great place to find betting tips, and there’s a wealth of information on there if you know where to look.

What’s Reddit (skip this bit if you’re familiar with Reddit)

If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s a “news aggregation site” where people from around the world come and talk to each other about any imaginable topic. From warts (warning: don’t click the link if you’re squeamish) to science, there’s a topic to grab even the most boring of people’s attention.

Subreddits explained

When people want to talk about a topic, they set up a subreddit (aka sub) for it. These are like small forums dedicated to the subject. The name always starts with /r/ in the URL, hence why you’ll see it in the title and throughout this page.

Some are more serious than others, e.g., in /r/science, you have to talk about science and if you go off-topic, your comment gets deleted. Other subreddits are much less strict and are just a free-for-all in terms of what you can and can’t comment.

A knock-on effect is that some subs are better quality than others are because people are invested in making sure the information is useful and relevant.

Once someone’s created a subreddit, it’s impossible to delete it. This means that some established topics, like football or science, already have their own subs, some with millions of subscribers.

You don’t create a new sub every time you want to talk about a topic; you just visit the established sub on the topic you’re interested in and you’ll find posts and discussions that you can join.

If you can’t see the specific topic you’re interested in (e.g., the latest football news), you can just create a new post within the subreddit and, if it’s interesting to other people, they’ll start talking.

The same topic may have multiple relevant subreddits, and this is the case when it comes to football betting.

So, where are the best places to get football betting tips on Reddit? Let’s check it out now.

/r/SoccerBetting on Reddit

/r/SoccerBetting is probably the best subreddit to get your football tips from. It’s literally dedicated to football betting, so what better place to visit? This is the perfect subreddit for you.

I told you there was a subreddit for every topic!

And it’s not even that small. It has ~60k subscribers – that’s a lot of people for such a niche topic.

/r/soccer on Reddit

Reddit has a subreddit for football called /r/soccer. It’s an American site, so they call it soccer, but online-casinos is a UK site and we call it football.

/r/football is for American Football. If you want to talk about football on Reddit, /r/soccer is the best place to go.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that it’s the best place to talk about football on the entire internet. It has nearly 3 million subscribers and new topics are posted every 5 minutes or so. If you’re a football fan, and you’re not on /r/soccer, then you’re missing out big time.

Naturally, with that many football lovers in one place, betting tips fly around all the time. If you spend time listening to the chatter, you start to get a feeling for when the sub is on to a good thing and when it’s talking out of it’s a**e.

/r/sportsbetting on Reddit

You can also check out r/sportsbetting for football bets. Unfortunately, it’s not as big as r/soccer and it isn’t dedicated to football. However, it is dedicated to sports betting, so it’s a good place to go for tips.

You’ll have to filter the sub by searching for soccer or football. With the second filter, you’ll also have to wade through a trough of American Football related posts before you find any about our version of football.

Nonetheless, you can find some fantastic tips here.

/r/sportsbook on Reddit

/r/sportsbook is a great place to get soccer tips from because they have a “Daily Soccer Discsussion” post.

There aren’t many commentators (usually between 10 and 30 a day) but the quality of the posts are exceptional and they’re great for helping you pick out future patterns and working out which Redditors are worth listening to.

It’s a little known secret, and I’m kind of reluctant to share this info.

Do some checks before placing your bets

Read the comments

You’ll find some wannabe tipsters on Reddit, so be careful what you believe.

However, other commentators will usually bring the overconfident back down to earth with a bump (and Reddit does get extremely argumentative), so make sure you check out the full discussion before placing any bets.

See if the professionals agree with the tips you’ve unearthed

Finally, once you’ve found some decent tips, check out the sports betting tip sites to see if they corroborate the information that you’ve found. It’s a good sign when you find a lot of people talking about a particular tip – Although, it does mean that the return is likely to be low because the bookies are likely to be thinking the same.

A good free sports betting site that we know of is SBAT. They are a much-understated website in the world of sports betting. You have to pay for the best tips, but every day they still offer some fantastic free tips too. Their football section always has great bets and the opportunity to get a decent return on your bets.

These bets aren’t a sure thing, but they do come in a decent amount. You won’t be making a living off free football tips, but you might be able to manage some pocket money once in a while.

Summing it up

Reddit is a great place to get football betting tips, with /r/SoccerBetting and /r/sportsbook being the best places to go.

Remember: professional gamblers will keep the very best football tips secret. They won’t give up their gravy train easily. The best way to overcome this is to study the sport and become a top-pundit yourself.

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