Best Live Webcam Poker Game

If you love a good game of poker, odds are you’ve considered webcam poker before.

We all know that, unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to play poker at a real table however. There might not be any casinos nearby, you could be a little under the weather, or you may simply feel like staying in. Whatever the case, webcam poker is the best alternative!

With webcam poker, you get the ease and convenience of playing online poker without sacrificing the realism and face-to-face intimacy of a live game.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Our article has all you need to know about what makes webcam poker the best live game out there, including:

  • Best Online Casino For Live Webcam Poker
  • Live Webcam Poker Bonus
  • Webcam Online Poker vs Traditional Poker
  • Live Webcam Poker Features
  • How To Play Live Webcam Poker
  • Webcam Poker FAQ

Best Online Casino For Live Webcam Poker

For starters, you must pick the right casino to play webcam poker online.

Though webcam poker has been around for quite a while, you might be surprised to hear it hasn’t always been this successful. That’s because getting the formula right is just as important as it is tricky.

A good online casino should take into consideration that:

  1. Poker isn’t just about math, but also about psychology. If you can’t see the other players’ faces and real-time reactions, this essential part of the game may be lost.
  2. The integrity of the game should stay intact. Even though the game might not take place at a real table, webcam poker should stay true to all of the rules and features of the original game.
  3. Online webcam poker should be ultra-convenient. The main appeal of online gaming is that you get all the fun and far less of the hassle.

An online casino that has managed to strike just the right balance of convenience and authenticity is 888 Poker.

With 888 Poker, you get amazing video quality with the PokerCam webcam technology so you can read the other players’ poker faces in high definition, super easy game mechanics for fast-paced action, and all the traditional aspects of a poker game that you know and love!

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Live Webcam Poker Bonus

If you’re thinking of giving 888 Poker a shot, you’ll want to hear all about its bonus system!

You can currently get a £20 bonus without having to place any initial deposit. However, if you do decide to deposit some cash, 888 offers a 100% bonus for up to $888.

This bonus system has been extended indefinitely due to the overwhelming popularity of the game, but we recommend you take advantage of it as soon as possible, as it could be withdrawn without any prior notice.

Looking for a good bonus to get you into a new game? Here’s our list of casinos that offer the best bonuses.

Webcam Online Poker vs Traditional Poker

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about poker, you might be wondering “what’s the difference between live webcam poker and traditional poker?”

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

The only real difference between the two is that you play online webcam poker on a digital “table” and traditional poker on a physical table that you can touch.

Everything else is just about the same. You play by the same rules, you can win the same amount of money, and you interact with other players in about the same way.

Live Webcam Poker Features

As we said, webcam poker is pretty much the same game as the original poker, which means its features are also the same—but digitalized.

So let’s go over the basic features of webcam poker:

#1. Online Tournaments

In tournaments, each contestant pays an entry fee. And instead of winning money from other players, the winner will collect the pot.

With online tournaments, you can have as few as 2 players or as many as tens of thousands. This can be very beneficial as it limits the amount of money you can afford to lose, while greatly increasing the potential return.

#2. Team Tournaments

There’s also place to get creative with how you play your tournaments!

For example, you can choose to play as the lone wolf or put together your own team to elevate your chances of winning.

#3. Ring Games

Ring games, also referred to as cash games, are poker games where the players put “real chips” or money at stake.

This is the usual style of game people think of when they hear poker.

#4. Face to Face Games

Though webcam poker is an online game, it still maintains the face to face, intimate feeling of the real game.

The high definition camera support allows you to clearly see all of your opponent’s reactions and read their facial expressions in real time.

How To Play Live Webcam Poker

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what online webcam poker is and what it offers, let’s get down to actually playing live webcam poker.

As we said before, the rules of online webcam poker are the same as the original game. Let’s quickly go over them:

Each player begins with two facedown cards called “hole cards”.

On each turn, players have the option to:

  • Bet, which means to wager money.
  • Call, which means to match a bet or raise.
  • Raise, which means to increase the size of a bet in the same betting round.
  • Fold, which means to throw away your hand and give up the pit.

The aim of the game is to make the best five-card hand using a combination of the two hole cards and any of the five community cards on the table.

Once you receive your hold cards, a round of betting takes place before the next round begins.

There is a total of three rounds or “streets” in poker:

  1. Flop is the first round. Three community cards are dealt for, which you may start using to make your combinations. Another round of betting comes next.
  2. Turn, or the “fourth street” follows. You receive a fourth community card and have another round of betting.
  3. River, or the “fifth street” is the final round. The fifth and last community card is dealt and the last round of betting takes place. The player with the best combination of cards wins and takes the pot during the final round.

For a more in-depth explanation of poker rules, read 888’s guide to playing poker.

Webcam Poker FAQ

In case you still have some questions, take a look at some common webcam poker FAQs below.

#1. Is the Experience of Playing Webcam Poker The Same?

The experience of playing webcam poker is very similar to a live poker game.

The game itself is the same. Also, the same rules and the same features apply. And you get to interact with other players in the same way you would in a real-life game.

The only difference is that you don’t need to physically move because you can do it right from the comfort of your own desk.

#2. Are Online Poker Sites Rigged?

No, online poker is not rigged.

Poker is played against other players, not against the casino. Therefore, the casino doesn’t stand to win anything by rigging the game.

Even when it comes to games such as roulette, where you are playing against the casino, the games aren’t rigged (although there is a clear house advantage), since the reputation of the casino is far more valuable than any short-term winning they might make by rigging games.

That being said, always be careful and make sure you play in well-known casinos with good reputations!

#3. What is the best online poker site?

Speaking of a good reputation, one of the best online poker sites available to date is 888 Poker.

Not only does 888 offer some of the most realistic and authentic poker experiences you can find online, but it also comes with amazing bonuses to get you started.

#4. What is stack size in poker?

The standard stack size in poker is usually between 25 to 35 big blinds. The minimum is usually 10 big blinds and the maximum is 100.

The size of your stack can affect the type of play, with larger stacks giving you more freedom and smaller stacks having fewer options.

Are you thinking of getting into webcam poker? Make sure you check out our guide for newbie or “fish” players.

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