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Apple Pay Casinos – Best UK Casinos taking Apple Pay

Apple Pay is at the cutting edge of payment processing. It’s also an option in an increasing number of online casino sites, and one that we know our readers are interested in. So we’re going to tell you everything we know about Apple Pay Casinos!


  • What Apple Pay is?
  • What an Apple Pay Casino is?
  • Can you use Apple Pay Casinos Safely?
  • How do you use Apple Pay to play at online casinos?


Let’s have a look!

Best Apple Pay Casinos for UK Players

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What is Apple Pay?

“Cashless made effortlessly” is what it says Apple.

Who would say that!

In simple terms, it’s a mobile payment service and digital wallet. Apple Pay can be used online, in stores, and in apps on iOS.

It is used on Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. There is customer service support for Apple Pay users on the Safari browser.

The system works as a replacement for a credit or debit card by digitizing the information in them. You wave your phone at a payment point and you have made a contactless payment. The Apple security – touch verification or similar – acts as the security on the transaction.

The system was launched in the US but is now available around the world.

Using Apple Pay Online

You can use Apple Pay to play online in two ways.

On supported devices, for example, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, you can use Apple Pay to pay for things within the downloaded app, where Apple Pay should be offered as a payment method.

Here you just need to select Apple Pay as an option or tap an Apple Pay button. Check your details, or enter them if you need to, and confirm the transaction, which should show up instantly.

You can use Face ID or Touch ID as a password on these transactions, using the side button on your Apple devices to trigger the feature.

Using Apple Pay in your Browser

If you’re browsing in Safari, Apple’s own internet browser then you can also use Apple Pay.

Again, the transaction is very simple.

Simply, select Apple Pay as an option, confirm or add your payment and contact information and confirm the deal, which should go through instantly, with Face ID or Touch ID.

With some Macs, you need an iPhone or Apple Watch that you can use to confirm the payment, like a payment card.

Is there a fee to use Apple Pay at Casino Sites?

There is a small cost associated with using Apple Pay, but in most cases, you will not be charged for using Apple Pay at a casino site.

The best thing to do is to check the payment methods section of your site’s help section. Don’t be shy about sending them a message; this is important, and you have a right to know how your money will be used.

Are Apple Pay Transactions at Casino Sites Instant?

Almost all Apple Pay transactions at casino sites are treated as if they were card payments, and that means that they are passed through instantly, or almost instantly.

Because you can use Apple Pay as a stand-in for a debit card, you can often take withdrawals to your Apple Pay account. These should take place very quickly – instantly in banking terms – and your account should be credited within a couple of hours of making a withdrawal.

Apple Pay Casinos in the UK

That largely covers what Apple Pay is and how you use it.

Now we need to look at Apple Pay casinos.

You can find these at sites like ours and in other specialist listing sites.

However, it’s almost becoming redundant to list Apple Pay casino sites because this payment method is going to become ubiquitous in the near future.

Apple are one of the biggest tech corporations in the world. They have enormous power and influence, not just in markets but politically, their reputation for making good-quality products has made them a byword for reliability, so their payment methods have similar reach.

The easiest way to find an Apple Pay casino site on your own is simply to browse, via Google, for casino sites.

Most casino sites are keen to let you know what payment methods they accept because for many online video slots players and casino sites this is a deal backer.

How to Choose an Apple Pay Casino Site

If you’re looking for Apple Pay casino sites specifically then you may have to go to an Apple Pay casino listings site.

That’s fine.

However, you should bear in mind that many of the casino sites listed on sites like that will have paid for their listings there.

That doesn’t make them bad sites, it is simply a reality of marketing in the casino market. There are a huge number of sites – legitimate, legal sites, like the ones we recommend – and they need to make themselves stand out. One of the ways to do this is not just by offering things that other sites don’t do, because what’s the point in that if nobody knows about it, so you need to be found by players who are looking for one specific differentiating factor that will make them sign up at a casino site.

Hence, the paid listings at online Apple Pay casino sites!

You do not have to go down this route. It’s likely that there are other things you have in mind when choosing a casino site. Nobody wants to use a site that accepts their payment method of choice but only has 10 games, and they’re all boring as hell!


You want a good quality site with lots of good games, and above all you want a site to be safe and legal.

Some Examples of UK Apple Pay Casino Sites

You’ll find a lot of good quality sites now offer Apple Pay, so it shouldn’t really limit you in this way.

Here are some examples of quality and legitimate UK casino sites that currently accept Apple Pay.


As you can see that’s already a great selection of quality sites that take in specialist slots sites, sporting bet giants, and bingo sites.

Let’s have a look at one of them and see how they handle Apple Pay.

We’ll use one of the biggest as our example, William Hill Casino, a casino linked to one of the oldest and best-known of the UK’s high-street bookmakers. Traditionally, handlers of sporting bets, these companies have expanded into the online market and now offer slots, casino games, live casino games and much more to their customers.

An Example of an Apple Pay Casino Site

So, let’s say we’re browsing the internet and you want to find an Apple Pay casino site. With William Hill advertising all over the place and a couple of shops you see every day, this brand is on your mind so you decide to check it out.

William Hill Casino is very typical of what you’ll see at any casino site before you’ve signed up and signed in.

The front page is dominated by what amounts to advertising for games the site hosts and its offers, primarily a bonus offer.

The place to start your search is at the bottom of the front page. Here is where a casino site puts all the information you need to know, this will include some things we’ll cover later like licensing and safety.

In many cases, it will also include a line of logos from payment processors and for payment methods.

At William Hill that is the case.

The payment processors shown by William Hill are Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Skrill, though it accepts many more.

So to find out more we’re going to have to dig a little deeper.

Most good sites open their help facilities to players who haven’t signed up, and this is the case here. So click on the “help” option.

At William Hill casino this opens up a list of shortcuts, including:

Deposits and Withdrawals

Clicking on this gives us a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and we’re going to look at “deposit methods”.

Here, after expanding the content, we get a full list of all the payment methods accepted by William Hill.

We won’t list them all, but they include all the usual suspects, including debit cards and bank transfers as well as e-wallets and other tech solutions.

Apple Pay payments at an online casino site are sometimes simply listed along with debit cards as that’s how the service works.

At William Hill casino they are listed separately.

And we’re told:

“Apple Pay offers an easy and secure way to deposit funds into your William Hill account directly from our iOS app. It’s currently only available to UK customers depositing using GBP.

“Please note: as of 14th April 2020, you can no longer deposit by Apple Pay using funds from a credit card or money service business such as Revolut. Click here for more info.”

This refers to a change in the law in the UK that has stopped gamblers from using credit cards to fund their online play. This is a safety measure brought in to help keep players safe.

We can also see a minimum deposit amount, which in the case of Apple Pay is £5 at William Hill Casino. As a comparison, the minimum deposit from e-wallets at William Hill is £10.

Then, an information box tells you, the maximum deposit.

For Apple Pay, this is an enormous £99,000. Don’t deposit more money than you can afford to lose is our advice.

Then you are told the timescale for withdrawals. These take 3 – 5 days as they are processed via bank transfer at this site.

This is very standard.

The minimum withdrawal to an Apple Pay account is £25, comparing with £10 to PayPal for example, and £5 to many online banking services.

How to Use Apple Pay Casinos Safely

Novelty often attracts scammers. This is true in all businesses. If you want to find counterfeit goods for example you should head to the fashion website where things that enjoy explosive demand are found.

So, we always suggest that our readers take particular care around anything new in the casino market. Things like Bitcoin are great innovations, but can also attract bad actors.

That’s not meant to scare you. The vast majority of online casino users will have a safe and enjoyable time whilst using online casino sites. You can do a lot of things to help keep yourself safe.

Licensed UK Apple Pay Casinos

The first thing you must do before you do anything at an online casino site is to check out its licence.

It is illegal to offer any gambling services to a UK customer without a UK Gambling Commission Licence.

This licence must be linked to from the front page of the website. Do take the time to click on that link and check that you’re happy with the site – some big-name sites have had sanctions imposed against them. They remain good enough to be judged safe by the gambling authorities, but the more information you have the better.

Make sure that you are legal to play too. If you’re breaking the law then you won’t be entitled to its protection, so don’t try to get around age or geographic restrictions. Licensing doesn’t travel either, so make sure – if you’re on holiday for example – that you’re following local laws.

That’s your first check.

Tech and Personal Security for Apple Pay Casino Sites

A licensed site will be audited and will offer safe games.

One danger for online players is that hackers will break into a site and steal passwords or payment details.

Every site should have protection to stop this happening, including storing your information in a way that means that it cannot be used to access money or services if it’s stolen.

You should always look at the top of your browser window, in a desktop, and check that you are in a secure HTTPS site.

If you have the tech knowledge to assess such thing you might want to read up on a sites technical information to see that you’re happy that they’re using the best encryption and protection systems.

Most sites know that a hacking attack that costs their customers will be a business-ending disaster for them and they take information security, privacy and data protection seriously.

You should do the same.

Use the best passwords, or even password services, to give your online identity secure protection.

And make sure you update your device regularly, so you’re using the latest versions of apps with all the security updates.

Simple physical security is also a good idea. Don’t use gambling sites on shared computers, for example.

Apple Pay Casinos Advantages

So should you use Apple Pay casinos?

Let’s have look at the pros and cons.

1 – Apple Pay is easy to use.

Particularly for mobile users, Apple Pay is among the easiest way to cash up your account. It’s a way to carry your debit card or bank account into the online world and all you need to use it is a security access code. There aren’t many faster ways to deposit into an online casino account than Apple Pay.

2 – Apple Pay is safe

Follow the safety checks we’ve outlined above and Apple Pay is probably among the safest payment methods available at online casinos. Touch or Face ID are unbeatable security at this point in time, and no other payment method has this link.

Apple themselves have a good reputation for security.

3 – Apple Pay Keeps Your Information Safe

Apple Pay is very stingy with your personal information. Your transaction history is not automatically recorded, so your personal information is always safe.

(We don’t encourage keeping your gambling secret as it is often a sign that unhealthy habits are developing. If you feel the need to conceal or lie about your gambling we suggest you take a look at your behaviour.)

4 – Apple Pay is Free

Transaction costs are met by Apple and the banks so you shouldn’t have anything to pay at an Apple Pay casino site.

5 – Apple Pay has High Limits

Because of its clout, Apple Pay isn’t just trusted by you, it’s trusted by the industry, and this means that limits are set high. If you’re a high roller then you really can go to town – safely, please, never more than you can afford – with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Casinos Disadvantages

There are limits though!

1 – Compatibility

Apple Pay is strongly tied to Apple devices. And you need recent versions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs with the touch ID feature at least.

2 – Slow Withdrawals

Because Apple Pay is considered pretty much as a bank account, withdrawals to it take a similar amount of time. It is generally faster to withdraw to an e-wallet than to Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Alternatives

Once you’ve checked out this system we reckon you’ll love it, but mobile players have a number of alternatives to Apple Pay.

Any payment methods you can use on a desktop you can use on a mobile, and there are a growing number of mobile-first and mobile-only payment methods, including BOKU, and Pay By Phone.

Check them out too.