Discover Slotomania: One of the Internet’s Most Popular Free Slot Providers

Slotomania is a casino with a difference: it’s not a casino.

What? Why are we writing about it if it isn’t a casino? Because it’s a fun and risk-free way of enjoying online slot machines.

Slotomania calls itself the “#1 free social slot game online”. You know what that means? Yup, it means you don’t have to spend any money to play with Slotomania.

So, Slotomania is a great choice for you if you’re looking for all the fun of a casino game without the usual risks.

And people must love the risk-free play because Slotomania has more than 100 million Slotomaniacs (players) – and if they don’t call themselves “Slotomaniacs”, they should!

Would you enjoy Slotomania? Find out by reading our review below…

What Is Slotomania?

Slotomania is one of the internet’s biggest free online-slots provider. They combine the thrill of the slots with the traditional features of puzzle games, like Candy Crush. For example, as you spin and win, you level up. Levelling-up gives you access to more slot machines.

There are more than 160 slots machines to play through, with different bonus games and features. Choose between:


It’s confusing that they name one of their collection “Free slot games”. That implies you pay for the other two types. You don’t; they’re all free.

The levelling up feature means you can play competitively with friends and compare success. It has a lively Facebook page where people post their achievements.

How to Play

To play, simply sign up.

You can do this by supplying an email address and choosing a password or by logging in with your Facebook.

They give you 1,000,000 coins and 100 gems once you sign up.

The slot machines work like any other slot machines online, with:

  • Paylines
  • Bets of various values and a “Max Bet” button
  • Scatter Symbols – triggers free coins, awards, free spins or the mini-game (most games have this feature)
  • Wild Symbols – substitutes for other symbols. Different games use different types of wild, e.g., Expanding Wilds, wild multipliers
  • Bonus Symbols – each game has a unique bonus round related to the slot theme.

Can You Win Real Money?

You can’t win real money. We need to stress this because it’s not made particularly clear on the site. Slotomania is still fun despite being unable to win money – the dopamine hit is still real, and it feels good!

But, you can spend money by buying in-game currency to wager.


Why Should You Play?

What, are slot machines not enough for you? They’re great fun! But if you are looking for more, Slotomania has it.

Slotto cards

Can you remember Panini sticker books? Slotomania uses a similar concept here. You collect cards in different ways:

  • Levelling Up
  • Winning Challenges
  • Buying
  • Receiving Gifts

Win prizes by completing albums. They have different books, including Regular, Ace, Gold, Wild and Shiny (special).

Playtika Rewards

Playtika is Slotomania’s loyalty programme. This is where you earn rewards for playing the slots. You are auto-enrolled in the programme when you join up.

Here, you earn Status Points (SPs) by playing the slot machines or buying coins. The more SPs you get, the more in-game benefits and rewards you win. As you move through the SP system, Slotomania rewards you with a ranked status.

This starts with the Bronze Status (once you reach 150 SPs), with a daily gift of 250 FREE coins and free gifts from friends. It finishes with Royal Diamond Status (once you reach 8,000,000 SPs) and a daily gift of 1,000,000 daily FREE coins.

Where Can You Play?

Slotomania is primarily a Facebook game. However, it also has a desktop and app – so you can play it on your PC, tablet or mobile.

You’ll have a much more social experience if you play it via Facebook. This lets you play with friends, exchange gifts, and win more awards – the more friends you have playing, the more you get out of the game.

A fun feature on Facebook is the customised leaderboard. It lets you compete against your friends – and that can only end well, right?


Any Downsides?

It depends what you’re looking for. Slotomania only offers slot games, so if you want to play with a free casino that offers the full range of table games, it isn’t for you.

It can also take a while to get the hang of the system. Getting the hang of levelling up and the gift structures can be confusing if you’re used to the casino slots.

But if you love slots, you’ll become a Slotomaniac in no time!


The Bottom Line

Slotomania is the best free online-slots provider. You won’t win any real money, but if you’re looking for the fun of gambling without the risks, it’s ideal. There’s always something happening, whether it’s the activation of the bonus game or levelling up, it’s difficult to get bored.

There’s a learning curve with Slotomania, but keep at it and you’ll pick it up in no time.

Slotomania is absorbing, fast-paced and fun.

Picture of slot machines to represent Slotomania

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