When Will Casinos and Betting Shops Reopen in the UK?

Europe’s gambling industry is recovering after a tricky few months, but when will casinos and betting shops reopen in the UK? Which ones survived the crisis?

We know you’re itching to get back out there, and with countries throughout the continent lifting their lock-down restrictions, you won’t have long to wait for the UK’s entertainment sector to reopen.

And, with the return of organised sports, sports betting shops like William Hill are surely breathing a sigh of relief right now.

How Long Do We Have to Wait for Casinos and Betting Shops to Reopen?

The UK government has given a preliminary date of the 4th of July for the reopening of leisure and hospitality facilities. Because many casinos fall into that category, the UK casinos are aiming to open their doors then.

However, some casinos will be opening their doors as early as the 15th of June because they fall within the remit of “non-essential retail outlets”, which are allowed to open from that date. If you’re visiting Clacton Pier on Monday 15th June, take a wander to the Pier Casino and get your fix of IRL slots.  It’s been a long time since you played the real-world slots! The online slots are great, but sometimes you need a change…

…and expect changes. Social distancing rules will change the way we play real-world casinos for a while. For example, most table games will only take 3-players at a time and people must stay 2m apart at the slot machines. Individual casinos and betting shops will implement further measures, such as sneeze screens.

Watch this video from The Sun’s YouTube Channel to get an idea of what to expect when you visit the high-street betting shops:


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Who’s Coming Back?

There have been some losers in the gambling industry and some of our best-known casinos may not return. For example, The Ritz Club casino in Piccadilly has closed their doors for good. It’s sad news, but they were a private club that most of us couldn’t afford to be part of anyway, so…a bit of schadenfreude there.

The casinos appear to have taken the brunt of the carnage of recent months. There’s much more optimism amongst the betting shops.

Paddy Power is expecting to open all of their English betting shops on the 15th of June, as well as 150 of their Irish betting shops. This follows the announcement by GVC earlier in the week of its plans to open 80% of its Ladbrokes Coral betting shops.

So if you can’t get down to Monte Carlo – who reopened some of their casinos on the 5th of June – you won’t have long to wait before you get your gambling fix on.

Picture of people celebrating with champagne to represent being happy that the betting shops reopen - you can only see their arms and glasses. They aren't socially distancing, whoops.