Construction Stops at Galaxy Macau after Three Workers Died in an Accident

March 26th, 2020 2.00pm

After an accident happened earlier this week, the construction of the new Galaxy Macau casino has been temporarily stopped.

Seven workers were trapped and three lost their lives after scaffolding collapsed during the removal of the trash from one of the site‘s elevators. According to the Macau Labor Affairs Bureau, seven workers were trapped right after the accident, and while the help was quick to come, three of them were left dead.

All work on the construction site has been immediately suspended, and it is still unknown when will it continue.

The ambitious casino resort project on the Cotai Strip began back in 2002 and is currently in its third phase of construction. Once this phase is completed, the complex will feature 1,500 extra rooms, an arena with 16,000 seats and around 400,000 square feet convention centre. As you may have noticed, this phase is focused on non-gaming activities.

Together with the Broadway Hotel, the venue owned by Galaxy Entertainment Group, Galaxy Macau currently offers 3,770 rooms, over 120 bars, restaurants and lounges, and an impressive casino floor measuring more than 400,000 square feet.

Galaxy Entertainment also owns StarWorldHotel, located on the Macau Peninsula, while at the same time offering gaming operations in its City Casinos situated in the President Hotel and Rio Hotel.

Not the First Accident at the Site

Unfortunately, this is not the first accident to have happened at the construction site. In January 2015, during the second phase of the construction, a fire broke out on the upper levels of the hotel tower. More than 6,000 workers were quickly evacuated, while it took 9 fire trucks and 40 firefighters arrived on the scene.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident.

According to a report subsequently posted by the Macau Corps of Firefighters, the cause of the fire was an ornamental piece, which was accidentally set on fire by one of the welding workers.

Following the death of 4 construction workers in 2015, the territory‘s Labor Affairs Bureau implemented a set of stricter construction safety rules and procedures, significantly improving the working conditions at construction sites across Macau.

Commenting on the new regulations, the agency stated its purpose was to establish safe workplaces for all workers. Secretary-General Leo Lo at the Macau Construction Association explained back that the system didn’t have a suitable certification for the workers, only a simple training.

Will Phase 3 Ever Be Completed?

Phase 3 hasn’t been completed yet, and at this moment it’s hard to give any sort prediction on the date of its completion. Its original opening date is long overdue. In February 2018, the company’s Deputy Chairman Francis Lui Yiu Tung stated it was expected to see the first stage of Phase 3 completed by the end of 2019, but that didn’t happen. According to the latest plans, announced in August last year, the first part of Phase 3 should start this year, while the venue should be opened sometimes during 2021 (most likely in the first half of the year). But then came the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

Some of the construction was suspended (though only temporarily) in February due to the outbreak, as the shutdown was enforced in the region. However, some of the Phase 3 work continued.

Commenting on the plans, Senior Vice-President of public relations for Galaxy Macau said the company was still optimistic about the ongoing development phase and pointed out Galaxy would give its best to stay on schedule.

So far, Galaxy Macau didn’t make comments on the death of 3 of its workers.



The construction of the new Galaxy Macau Casino has been temporarily stopped.