Former Guard Files a Lawsuit against Australian Casino Tycoon

December 22nd, 2020 4.00pm

A former security guard at Crown Melbourne, Iskandar Chaban, has filed a civil lawsuit against Australian billionaire businessman James Packer, claiming he assaulted him nearly five years ago.

The 64-year-old stated the alleged attack took place on New Years’s Day 2016, and has now decided to sue Packer for damages.

According to the plaintiff’s legal team, Chaban tried to stop Packer, who was accompanied by Ishan Ratnam, a senior executive at Crown, from entering the property, as two men were intoxicated. Packer allegedly started insulting the guard, and then turned violent, attacking the man and pushing him in the chest.

Physical and Mental Consequences

But that was only the start of his ordeal, as the second defendant verbally began threatening him and saying he would throw him out of his job.

Following the incident, Chaban, who worked as a security guard despite having a PhD from Melbourne University, was taken to the back office where other casino managers continued to abuse him verbally. In the end, he was driven to a nearby train station.

The man said he had first experienced neck and back problems on the train, and pointed out the had immediately gone to the Northern Hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder and other related issues, which he claims are the result of the alleged incident.

Although the two executives demanded Chaban be fired immediately, the security guard was only suspended.

Crown Casino issued a statement saying the incident was only a minor misunderstanding. The operator pointed out that Chaban had been informed that one of their most important VIPs was arriving. The company didn’t provide any additional detail on the altercation between Chaban and two men.

New Threats Added to the List

Unfortunately, this is not the first such incident involving Packer, who has a history of anger management issues.

Packer has recently left his post at the Crown in order to avoid conflict of interest due to the plans he has for the company. He planned to take over the casino operator through privatisation and with the help an investment company he owns.

However, the deal didn’t come through, while the recently held inquiry over the company’s suitability to hold a license in New South Wales revealed why it failed to materialise. Sydney’s Crown Casino won’t be able to continue working until the inquiry is completed, which should be in February next year.

During a questioning, Packer confirmed the had sent threats to Ben Gray, TPG Capital’s head of Asia and Australia. Packer needed financial assistance from TPG Capital in order to fully acquire Crown Resorts. But, after Gray refused to help Packer in his bid to take over the casino giant and provide the needed £1.1 billion, the businessman turned violent and threatened to set the head of Mossad, who was his friend, on the poor man.

According to available sources, Gray took Packer’s threats seriously, especially as it was widely known he had close relations with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the Israeli intelligence agency. It was enough for Gray to hire former soldiers to protect him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But during the inquiry, Packer admitted his behaviour had been disgraceful and shameful and added his bursts of violence in public were the result of a bipolar condition. He further said the was now taking medications for his condition.

After the privatisation attempt failed, Packer once again joined the company’s board. However, two years ago, he resigned for the second time, citing his mental health issues.



The 64-year-old man claims Packer assaulted him five years ago