Former Resorts World Sentosa Dealer Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Chips

June 25th, 2019 5.00pm

Last Thursday, a Singapore judge has sentenced Ding Zhipeng to 10 months in prison for stealing a small fortune in chips. As a part of the rehabilitation process, the former dealer will also have to pay S$12,000 fine (close to £7,000).

The Police Seized 72 Chips from the Defendant’s Room

The charges against the 28-year-old Chinese national (to which he pleaded guilty) were quite severe, and the dealer was accused of a criminal breach of trust, violation of the Casino Control Act, and a violation of Act 29 of 1992 – Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits).

Ding had been employed as a Resorts World Sentosa dealer since July 2017 and he started pocketing the chips around May – June 2018. The dealer’s indiscretions were discovered 4 months later, thanks to the casino’s surveillance system. The police were immediately notified and after performing a search, the officers discovered 72 chips in the amount of S$3,000 or approximately £1,740. Remorseful Ding assisted the officers by providing them with additional chips that he had been hiding in his pants. All chips were in SGD currency and the accused had been removing them from the trays for months.

After cashing the stolen chips, Ding spent an unspecified amount of money buying expensive gifts for his girlfriend, including Breitling watch, Balenciaga shoes, Apple iPad Mini, iPhone, and a pair of Channel earrings. According to the authorities, the chips were cashed by a friend of Ding’s, which is probably one of the reasons the scheme lasted for as long as it did.

John Koh, the defendant’s attorney, stated that Ding resorted to theft in order to help his family members back home. During the mitigation, the lawyer told the court that Ding had been suffering from stress, triggered by his position as a foreign employee. Koh also emphasized that most of the money was recovered.

Similar Incidents

Sadly, this is not the first time (nor it will be the last time) the stack of chips brought out to worst in people.

A month earlier, a couple of masked robbers stole roulette table chips worth £314,488 after pepper spraying the dealer and one of the security guards in the Four Seasons Macau.

In January 2018, a croupier stole HK$48M worth of chips (over £4.8M) from the VIP lounge and left the crime scene on a motorcycle. The perpetrator and an accomplice were arrested two days later.

In March 2019, a blackjack tray with £9,000 worth chips was taken from the Rainbow Casino in Aberdeen. The player who stole the chips and smuggled them out of the casino under his jacket was apprehended after he came back to the crime scene to cash in a £700 chip. The tray itself was found outside, in a trash bin.

Around the same time, the surveillance system in Star Casino (Sydney Australia) caught a croupier in act of stealing $5,000 and slipping it inside his sock. The incident earned the dealer a nickname “Mr Bean of Dealers”

Some 9 months ago, a professional poker player William Kassouf stole $100 chips while being under influence. The incident occurred while Kassouf was playing roulette with a group of friends at the Grosvenor Leeds Watergate Casino.

Kassouf addressed the scandal in a statement on Twitter, stating how much he regretted his actions.

“Last weekend, during the course of a drunken night playing roulette with friends, I made an error of judgement which I greatly regret; something I accept full responsibility for. I have apologized and will apologize again to my friends who were with me that night for my foolish behaviour.”



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