GGPoker Sets a New Guinness World Record Thanks to WSOP Main Event

November 3rd, 2019 2.00pm

Many people will want to forget this year and to be honest we can’t blame them. So far, 2020 hasn’t been a year to remember, and since we’re less than two months from its end, we doubt things can drastically change for the better.

But some will indeed have fond memories of 2020, and will remember it as a record-breaking year!

If you don’t believe us, ask the World Series of Poker’s Online Series (WSOP), whose event has even made it to the Guinness Book of World Records!

A Remarkable Feat

A couple of months ago, the WSOP organised a flagship event, hosted by GGPoker. Eventually, the £3,900 Main Event set the new world record, which was later confirmed by the Guinness World Records.

After contacting GGPoker, Michael Empric, one of the Guinness World Records officials met with Daniel Negreanu, a poker legend and GGPoker ambassador to present him the official commendation.

The Main Event, organised by the WSOP and boasting the single largest prize pool ever featured at an online poker tournament was later cancelled, leading to record-breaking numbers in the subsequent GGPoker event. A total of 5,802 players paid an entry fee, with the prize pool reaching a staggering £21.3 million!

After 54 WSOP bracelets awarded on GGPoker during the related events, a total of 728 players managed to cash in the tournament. The overall winner, Stoyan Madanzhiev from Bulgaria claimed the main prize of around £3.1 million.

Commenting on this remarkable achievement, Head of Poker Operations at GGPoker Steve Preiss was delighted that the tournament had succeeded in setting a new Guinness World Record. He explained the titles had been on the organisers’ radar from the very beginning.

Preiss pointed out that poker players and fans of the game always expected only the best prizes, and GGPoker had given its best to meet their expectations. And they did, in an impressive manner.

Impressive Turnout

Director at the World Series of Poker, Ty Stewart, said the turnout had been impressive and added the new record represented a fantastic achievement for GGPoker.

Stewart said that setting a new Guinness World Record demonstrated the possibilities of GGPoker’s platform when combined with such renowned brand as the World Series of Poker. He also stated the new World Records titles would be very challenging to beat anytime soon.

Stewart is right, but one thing has to be taken into account. The World Series of Poker Main Event won’t be taking place at the Rio in Las Vegas next year, but if the circumstances were different, the online version would hardly generate such excellent results. Nevertheless, GGPoker has to be congratulated on a fantastic achievement.

The organisers of the WSOP Main Event can count on taking away the majority of players from the online version of the event, but in the future, the two events could be organised at different times of the year. Such a scenario would benefit both prize pools, and more importantly, it wouldn’t take players away from one event or the other but would enable them to take part in the both live and online version of the tournament.

We have no guarantee that another online version of the WSOP Main Event will be held ever again, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever witness such a fantastic result in online poker unless someone bans live play. Kudos to the World Series of Poker and GGPoker for organising a phenomenal Main Event and for setting a Guinness World Record. That’s one hell of an achievement.



The winner of the tournament claimed a prize of more than £3 million