Toronto Police Raids Senior Citizens’ Scarborough Village Recreation Centre for Illegal Gambling

August 23rd, 2019 3.00pm

A group of rowdy Toronto senior citizens was caught off guard earlier this month when the local police clammed down on what was probably the largest illegal gambling ring that the community has ever seen. August of 2019 will forever be remembered for the valour of men of duty, who swarmed into the seniors’ centre and put a stop to a hazardous C$1.25 (around £0.77) bingo game, valiantly serving the law and order…

The New Bingo Reforms Infuriate the Toronto Seniors

The retired ladies and gentlemen of Toronto municipal are spending their golden years in fear of being victimized over a dollar bingo bet. Instead of being allowed to leisurely enjoy a few pleasures they have left on this earth, the elderly community is being systematically persecuted for no more than playing bingo.

The everyday lives of Toronto retirees changed drastically in July 2019, when the Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Division (PRF) issued an urgent notice about ending the bingo nights as we know them. Following up on some complaints submitted by the concerned members of the community, PRF managed to squeeze all fun out of the game by enforcing a new regulation on the players, which banned the profit-making bingo games. The ban was later lifted, but new betting limits were imposed, reducing the maximum stake to C$0.25.

The policy enraged the seniors, who feel that the new regulation will end the drop-in recreation programs. According to the residents of Scarborough-Agincourt in Toronto, the monetary incentive was what made the games exciting and with the limitations in place, drop-ins are likely to die out, along with the entertainment value of bingo nights.

The Divine Intervention of Toronto Mayor John Tory

Toronto Mayor John Tory had to personally intervene and prevent the Scarborough Village Recreation Centre incident from blowing out to proportions. After an anonymous tip-off, the members of the police force barged in and caught the perpetrators red-handed, as they were brazenly increasing the stakes to more than a dollar, which is well above the current legal limit.

Tory expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the police treated the local seniors, referring to the members of the force as the “anti-fun” police. The Mayor has compared the police’s swift action to the large-scale raids aimed against Vegas-style illegal-gambling dens – an analogy that accurately depicted the absurdity of the situation and emphasized the inappropriate reaction of the police.

The centres should be the welcoming havens and refuges from everyday worries, allowing the seniors to enjoy the company of their peers and indulge in a bit of harmless gambling, stated the Mayor, who feels that the city has more pressing matters to attend to.

“We have so many other things to do as a city. I have expressed the firm view that these investigations should be suspended”, says Tory.

The Noose Around the Elderly Gets Tighter

The disgraceful witch hunt (as viewed by those affected) has taken international proportions, and the Canadian government is not the only one on the prowl for unruly pensioners. A similar incident has occurred in Los Angeles when LA police raided the Woodland Hills retirement centre where an unlicensed bingo game was taking place.

Faced with the accusations of taking the things a bit too far, Paul Vernon, the LA Police Department Captain, remained unphased, stating that “the law is the law”. Vernon underlined that the police had mercifully decided against responding to the call with the “full brunt of the force available”. Instead, the heinous crime of illicit bingo was prevented in a more measured manner, without bearcats or tanks, said Vernon.



Police on a Lookout for High-Limit Bingo Games