Woman Wins a Multi-Million Jackpot, Casino Refuses to Pay Her Winnings

March 3rd, 2020 3.00pm

All gamblers dream about hitting a staggering seven or eight-figure jackpot that would enable them to fulfil their wildest dreams and desires – all things they would otherwise never had a chance of doing. Some do succeed in changing their lives, but the majority of gamblers never manage to do so.

One gambler from the United States claims she has managed to scoop that long-awaited prize, but never got the chance to spend a penny, as the casino doesn’t want to pay her winnings. This (un)lucky woman comes from Oklahoma, and she is still hoping that the local Newcastle Casino will award her the money she won.

An Excuse Too Often Used by Casinos

On the other side, the management of the said casino said the slot machine hadn’t been working properly, and that the win was the result of a malfunction error.

Oh, what a day that was for Maribel Sanchez, as we’re sure she wasn’t planning to win a staggering jackpot worth £6.6 million at the local casino. Once she realised she had scooped a massive life-changing prize, after wagering a bet of around £1.1, she informed casino staff of what had happened. And that’s when all of her problems started, as the Liberty 7s slot machines suddenly shut down, turning off the display.

Sanchez claims she has proof of her fantastic win, as she managed to take a photo which showed the size of her prize. According to her, the photo was taken just before the screen turned off. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it’s worth £6.6 million, as it clearly shows the size of the jackpot awarded to Sanchez on the slot machine.

This is not the first case where a casino claimed the jackpot had been awarded by a malfunctioning slot machine. Probably the most famous one happened in New York back in 2017, when a player hit a fantastic jackpot worth nearly £34 million, only to later find out she didn’t win anything.

The Fight Continues

Sanchez is still waiting for the life-changing payout she won that day, but it seems the chances she will get her winnings are slim. The management of the Newcastle Casino claims the Liberty 7s slot machine hadn’t been working properly, and that a malfunction led to the win. The poor woman has even contacted a local television, in hopes of getting the money she won fair and square.

In an interview with the news station, casino management didn’t say much. They explained the claim was currently under review, and that the casino was looking to resolve the situation together with Sanchez herself. Newcastle Casino staff added that all activities were being conducted in accordance with the casino protocols.

Sanchez has since hired an attorney to discuss the available legal option. According to Bill Zuhdi, the woman should be given her winnings, at least the amount displayed on the screen before the slot machine allegedly broke down. He also pointed out that further action would be taken to ensure the casino paid the entire amount. Explaining his plans, in this case, Zuhdi said he would aggressively pursue his client’s rights.

Commenting on the whole issue, Sanchez’s daughter Linda stated it was crazy that a casino would deny paying out a prize to one of its customers. She also said the casino’s explanation and the alleged slot machine malfunction were ridiculous.

This gaming venue is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation, one of the biggest tribal gaming operators in the state of Oklahoma.


This is not the first time a casino claims the jackpot has been awarded by a malfunctioning slot machine.