Would You Like the Chance to Break Trump’s Stuff?

You know us. We don’t like to get political, and despite what the title says, this isn’t a political article at all. You actually CAN break Trump’s stuff. All you have to do is enter an auction and bid the highest amount.

Let me just clarify that you can’t go and break anything of Trump’s that you want. The competition refers to a specific item, and it’s a big one! (There’s a joke there but I’m not going to make it.)

What Will You Be Allowed to Break?

You’d think it would be illegal to just go around breaking people’s things, especially when they’re the President of the US of A.

This is all about to change, though. People from around the world are being offered entry to a charity auction that will give the winner the chance to destroy one of Trump’s prized possessions (OK, I made up the bit about it being prized. He probably doesn’t like it at all anymore).

But what is it?

The winner will have the opportunity to press the button that blows up one of Trump’s buildings!


Yep, you read that correctly. Someone is going to have the opportunity to blow up the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City.

The Auction

People will be able to bid for the opportunity to destroy the building. The auction’s already gone viral, with a GoFundMe set up to fund a Stormy Daniels’ bid and other bids reaching $53k last time we checked.

There seem to be many people who want the opportunity to get back at him for the last 4-years. And it’s all for a good cause. Proceeds from the winning bid will go to the Boys  & Girls Club of Atlantic City, which provides programs and services to young people in the city, especially those most in need.

Great cause!

Anyone can make their bid for the building’s destruction because whoever wins will be pushing the button remotely. Fittingly, it’s set to take place around the date that Trump leaves office.

The Plaza

Trump opened the Trump Plaza casino in 1984, where it operated for 30-years. At one point, it was a key feature of the Atlantic City gambling scene. Over the past 6-years, though, the building has fallen into a state of disrepair, with huge chunks just falling off the facade (a fitting metaphor from the universe, perhaps?).

It’s now a dangerous and unsafe monstrosity that needs to come down. The auction is just a way for people to feel some schadenfreude.

Summing It Up

It’s a fun little exercise – who doesn’t want the chance to blow up a building? But, I think they’d raise more money if they ran lottery instead of an auction. I know a lot of people who’d buy a ticket!

A picture of some of the buildings from Atlantic City