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Casino Luck


Casino Luck


Although appearing relatively new to the market, Casino Luck launched in 1999. In 2001, they relaunched under new management as Casino Luck. They’re a Maltese based casino, with a Combined Remote Operating Licence issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Some of the biggest names in online game provision, including NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, and Play’n Go, power Casino Luck’s games. If you enjoy playing the video slots, then you’ll love Casino Luck, because this is where they excel.

Casino Luck reviews are frequently positive, with an 8.04* rating on Ask Gamblers, with only minimal complaint. It’s a decent casino and well worth a try.


Casino Luck Review: Love at First Site?

…another attractive casino site as far as I’m concerned. I prefer the darker colours, because it’s less bright on the eyes. The colour scheme’s black and green, and it works well. It has a classy, rather than gaudy appearance, and that’s my kind of casino.

Aside from the lack of blinding light (which I like), the first thing I noticed was the huge selection of games: 862+ apparently, they majority of which are video slots (~526).

You’ll notice that they pay significantly less attention to the table games compared to some of the bigger names in online gambling. They offer the staples – poker, blackjack, roulette and their live versions – but that’s about as far as it goes.

There’s no sports section and no live betting. It’s mostly all about the video slots – my personal favourites, so yes, I pretty much fell for the site straightway…although ‘love’ is a bit strong!

One thing I like about the front page is the winners ticker, which tells you who’s won what and when. As well as offering you a decent insight into the frequency of wins, it’s also interesting to note all the different nationalities. I found it particularly useful in working out which games were hot, too.


Casino Luck Lobby
An astounding number of games

Was Lady “Casino Luck” Welcoming?

As far as ease or registration and welcome bonuses go, the casino offered a decent welcome during our Casino Luck review.


Registration awards you 50 free spins

First, the simple act of registering gets you 25 free spins…on Starburst. If you’re someone that tries out the various casinos, you know that this is a common freebie. t&c apply

I find it a bit annoying that it’s always the same game and it would be great if one of the casinos broke the mould and offered spins for another game. Still, Starburst is all right, and I won around £6 from those, so I’m not complaining. Well, I am, but it’s like complaining about a free sandwich: who does that?

Some of you might have an issue with the activation email. Some people prefer to keep that somewhat private to prevent spam, etc.  If that’s you, just deselect the promotional boxes and you should be fine.


Casino Luck welcome bonus

Casino Luck offers a reasonable welcome bonus – especially when compared other sites that offer a similar range of games.


1. Claim 100% on your first deposit of up to €100 t&c apply


2. 50 free spins on Starburst.


*you can choose to opt out of your bonuses during play by cancelling all credits. Unless you’ve played through the bonus, you’ll lose all credit that formed part of the bonus.


Casino Luck review: What to Expect When Making a Deposit

As far as payment options, they offer one of the largest ranges I’ve seen at the online casinos, with more than 35 payment options, including:


• Visa

• Switch (I haven’t seen this for ages! I’d forgotten they even existed)

• Neteller

• PaySafeCard

• SpeedCard


• EveryMatrix


The reason for this is that they offer different options for players from different countries. For me, playing in the UK, I had 12 options.

One thing that I found odd was there was no PayPal option. If it was there, I couldn’t find it.

Another thing to watch out for is the handling fee. Some payment options, notably VISA, require a 2.5% fee: although, that’s less to do with Casino Luck, and more to do with VISA.


What About the Good Stuff? The Games 

This site focuses predominantly on the video slots, but before getting on to those, let’s have a look at the more traditional casino games.


Table Games

So the range of table games is quite small. They offer 23 in total, and that’s a mix of the usual suspects: roulette (including both American and European, as well as multi-wheel), Poker, Blackjack, and baccarat.

There’s not very much to say here, apart from the graphics are generally better than I’m used to. Sometimes, the game providers have bad graphics and various bits (especially roulette wheels) tend to jump and jerk around the screen a little. I find that frustration, but it’s not the case with these games.


Live Casino

Again, the graphics are excellent. Live casinos can be very hit and miss, but Evolution Gaming (who provide all of the Live Casino games for Casino Luck) have got it absolutely right. The only issue I had with the games was the language – some of the dealers appeared to be speaking German or Dutch, and I don’t quite understand why. It seemed to be interspersed with English, so it could have been a glitch. I think it’s more likely that they speak to individual players in their own native languages, with a few English phrases thrown in because most people understand them.

The games themselves were great though. They had everything you’d want from a Live Casino. They did have maximum bets. For example, the total table bet is around €500. If you’re anything like me, you don’t generally high-roll like that, so it’s all good.

*A word of warning: they ask you for a screen name and it can be different to your user name. Don’t choose something silly like Turd McGuffin (What? It was the first thing that popped into my head!), because some of the rooms say your name when you enter, and there are other people in the chat too.


Flying Pigs at Casino Luck
♫ You’re the winner of the special prize of Flying Pigs.. ♫

Video Slots

As I’ve already mentioned several times during my Casino Luck review, the video slots are where this casino excels. If you’re a fan of the video slots, then you should definitely take a look.

They have more than 526 video slot games, and they all have an ultra-modern look about them. They’ve done well to achieve this, given that they’ve been around for a good 15 years and you might expect some of their games to be dated: they’re not.

Of course, the look of the games is only the responsibility of the casino insomuch as they choose their games providers. Casino Luck has chosen carefully. Here are some of my highlights:


• Bug Party and Flying Pigs (both by Play’n Go). These were effectively the same game, but with different cartoons. They were my favourite games of the whole site, and I think I’d rate them as my current favourite choice for the video slots.


They’re effectively bingo-type slot games with four cards, which I suppose to some people might sound boring, and in fact, I nearly didn’t play them at all, because I can get a bit bored with bingo. Not with these ones, though. They were the most absorbing games I’ve played in a long time.

Once I learned how to play, I was completely sucked in. It was nail-biting waiting for the ball to drop, knowing which ball I needed and that I still had a chance. It was a constant “Is this going to be the number? Is this going to be the number?” – really fun.


I have to warn you about two things I found during my Casino Luck review:


1. Don’t chase losses! It’s very easy to do because you can buy extra balls. I spent around 60% of my total deposit at one point! Fortunately, it paid off, but I can imagine that isn’t always the case.


2. Be careful when using the autoplay feature. It’s really useful, but it moves too fast to give you the chance to buy extra balls. Given point 1, this isn’t always a bad thing!


These games were also really hot for me, so I won a fair amount of money.


• Bullseye (by Microgaming), anyone in Britain in 1980 will appreciate this game. It really is Bully, and he’s really generous. The Bully wild card comes in a lot, so it’s really easy to win.


Casino Luck Review: Bullseye
You can catch a bit more than your BFH at Casino Luck

You’ll have theme tunes popping in and out of your head, as well as soundbites. Mine were “Here’s our Graham with a quick reminder” and “It’s only a game show, put up a real good fight! We’re gonna snookering you tonight!”. Not even Bullseye related, but you can only say “Iiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 1” a few times before you get bored.

• Guns ‘n’ Roses (NetEnt) is a fantastic game and again, the wild cards come in a lot. If you like Guns ‘n’ Roses then you’ll definitely want to play this slot with the sound on. They play some of their greatest hits. The only issue I had with this game was that I ran out of money just as Sweet Child O’ Mine came on, and so I had to sit and watch it without playing, because there was no way I was missing that song – even if I could have YouTube’d it.


Casino Luck Review: Progressive Jackpots

They have a decent selection of PJs, 14 in total. Oddly, they don’t have some of the better-known ones, such as Mega Moolah and Isle o’ Plenty. However, they do have Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, and Wow Pot, so they aren’t completely missing the top jackpots.

My personal favourite was King Cashalot. This was one of the first games I played on the site. I’ve never seen it before, but it was great fun to play: very bright graphics, which marks a change from my usual choices. The best thing about it was that it was HOT and I hit a few big wins from the off.


There are a few things to note about their games in general:

1. You can play for fun, even when you have a players account. Some casinos don’t allow you to do this, and that always makes me feel less loyalty towards them. Casinos that allow you to try the game before you play for real are much better.

2. The casino really needs to add the jackpot amounts to the icons on their PJ section. This way, people can more easily work out which one they want to play at. As it is, I had to click on each one to decide which one to play.

3. Some people (buy maybe only silly people, like me) might become confused with the position of the time on the game screen – they tell you what time it is at the top right of the screen. At one point, I mistook the time for my balance, and at around 5pm and suddenly I only had £16.51 in my account, when actually, it was just ten to five and I still had £100+ to play with.

4. The graphics throughout the site are excellent. I know that this is down to the game providers, but Casino Luck has chosen theirs very well. Also, I like the backgrounds to the games. They always show a pleasant panoramic view.

5. I had a few issues with games that didn’t load. In particular, these were The Dark Knight, Arabian Night, and a live Baccarat game. The Dark Knight wouldn’t load at all, and the others required a couple of refreshes. This could, of course, be my computer, rather that the site.

6. Playing for fun is great, but I played roulette at one point and wanted to play like a high roller – they had maximum bets on each of the different sections; it’s only £5 on the 0 and 00. You’d think they’d allow you to do some fake high rolling, but no.


Casino Luck Review: How do they treat their customers? 

Customer Support

I had to contact their customer support twice during my Casino Luck review and I found it helpful, but not the quickest to respond. First, the Live Chat isn’t available all the time. I think they disengage it when they’re taking too many customer queries. It didn’t work the first time I tried, but it did work the second time.

Second, they’re quick to respond to emails. Because I couldn’t get through on Live Chat, I sent an email. They answered that within the hour and it solved my query.

All in all, their customer support is good for a site of their size. You can’t expect them to have the staffing capacities of the larger casinos, like 888 or William Hill. An hour is a decent turn around though, and their Live Chat is good when it’s available.


Gambling Awareness

Their gambling awareness policies are excellent. Many casinos are putting them in place, but few are doing more than the bare minimum. This isn’t true for Casino Luck, and they provide some good safety nets.


1. They give frequent notifications concerning the amount of time you’ve been playing.


2. They allow you to set deposit limits, loss limits, wagering limits, and session time limits.


3. Once you make a change decreasing the limits, you are not allowed to move them back up for 7 days – that’s much longer than with other casinos, and I think that’s better, too.


Casino Luck Review – The Verdict

Casino Luck is a decent casino, and excellent given its size. It is mostly geared toward the video slots, and if you like them, then you’ll love this casino. There are many different perks to find around the site, some of which I’ve already mentioned, like music and the live play name fun, but if you explore the site, I’m sure you’ll find more. I felt as if the games were fair and paid out as expected. Everything was straightforward, and I had no major issues. Would recommend.


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